Best Buy Ad 12/28 - 1/3

Take a look at the latest Best Buy weekly ad.

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ThatEnglishDude1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Chrome gives me a malware warning when I attempt to go to this site. Cheeky.

EDIT: Nevermind. It's doing it on all sites I link to from this site now. Weird.

TheOnlyMastrx1211d ago

Me too on Firefox, might be something to do with N4G considering all the links are affected.

FITgamer1211d ago

Same every link i click on since yesterday gives me a mal-ware warning.

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otherZinc1211d ago

Not me. Rest something on your end.

This is a good ad...going to Best Buy today.

Noctis1211d ago

it starts two day from now.
just saving you gas money

Athlon1211d ago

LoL! I'm sorry but that reply was simple yet funny.

TheJacksonRGN1211d ago

The title clearly says it starts on 12/28. I know people tend to skip reading the article and just read the title, didn't know some skipped the title completely.

Dchops1211d ago

I like how it still lists The Witcher III as coming out in February.