Japanese Xbox One Exclusive Chaos;Child Flops in Japan; Fails to Make the Top 50

The Xbox One isn’t really doing well in Japan, but one could say that until now there was no prominent Xbox One exclusive from the archipelago of the rising sun to push sales besides D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die and Crimson Dragon. Last week .5pb and .Mages released Chaos;Child. Unfortunately, it didn't go well.

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SaveFerris1449d ago

Judging by the sales of the Xbox One and PS4 in Japan, choosing to go exclusive with one current-gen platform is a risky business for a third-party developer.

Godmars2901449d ago

Pretty sure that its only a visual novel, meaning that the publishers likely made bank from the exclusivity deal alone.

Its also probably already on PC.

Abriael1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Only, it's not on PC at all. It's a full Xbox One exclusive. No other version has been announced.

SaveFerris1449d ago

Okay. Still I'm sure the developer was likely disappointed.

PoSTedUP1449d ago

im sure he didnt get his hopes up.

Army_of_Darkness1449d ago

That was so uncalled for?! Surely I wasn't the only one to assume that this xbone exclusive was gonna be at least in the top 3 in "JAPAN"......

poppinslops1449d ago

Does anyone know when the Xbox's 'Psycho Pass' game is due?

UltimateMaster1449d ago

Japanese Exclusive on Xbox is financial suicide.
Sales shows the only platforms that are selling well are the Ps4 and Wii U.
Make a game exclusive when there is no buyers?
Sorry, but it's just not gonna work.
Hope they do find success.

Articuno761449d ago

The 360 also had a strong library of visual novels (some exclusive, some not) in Japan. And given that Japanese developers are still putting them out for the Xbox platform I'm guessing the investment in creating/publishing them is so small it works out. Same deal for shmups I guess.

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Brazz1449d ago

a little correction...

"Judging by the sales of the Xbox One and PS4 in Japan, choosing to go exclusive with THE XBOX ONE platform is a risky business for a third-party developer."

No_Limit1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

It all depends on the game. A game like Dead Rising, which has a strong western audience, Japan sales is really a non-factor as DR3 sold well overall for the XB1 with MS also putting in funding and advertising for the game so Capcom made some money on that exclusive, same will happen with SSFV on PS4 and Tomb Raider on XB1.

But a Japanese niche game made for a Japanese audience is bad business for a console that is trailing heavily in Japan compared to Japanese consoles and generally don't have much support from the Japanese audience.

dark-kyon1449d ago

yeah the game is a timed exclusive visual novel,in a few month the game gonna be release in ps3,vita,ios.the funny thing is what stein gate of the same developer is getting western release in ps3,vita and ios but not xbox 360 what is the original console version of game.

showtimefolks1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

it wouldn't be surprised if many publishers just choose ps4 for their japan launch. xbox one has next to no install base in japan.

there are only 2 markets MS needs to focus on and that's US and UK, everywhere they can't even compete with ps4.(even in US and UK it will be difficult.

shloobmm31449d ago

Obviously with the lack os Xbox One sales in Japan it is going to be hard for any title to make it into the top 50. Especially once you factor in all the consoles with much larger install bases.

XanderZane1448d ago

Who the hell buys visual novels for a game console? No one really cares about game consoles in Japan anyways. They should have released it exclusives on the Apple IPhones and IPads. That's the only American device the Japanese buy in the millions anyways in that country.

memots1448d ago

In other news, the sky is blue ...

otherZinc1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

The ever biased dualshockers.

Japan isn't relevant to console gaming. Handheld, great, next gen, nothing.

Keep reading that top 50 list dualshockers:
There's about 1 or so games for the PS4; At #14.

PS4 sales are awful in Japan. M$ knew they weren't going to do well there, but Sony didn't think the PS4 was going to suck there.

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DarkAstronaut1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Some people will probably try to act like this isn't newsworthy, but that's not the case.

"This is the first time that the series fails to make the top 50 (or even the top 20) on Microsoft’s consoles.  Chaos:Head Noah on Xbox 360 grabbed a dignified 12th place in 2009, while Chaos;Head – Love Chu Chu! ranked 13th the year after."

That's pretty significant. Considering, the 360 never did well in Japan either. An exclusive of any console not making the top 50 is definitively a flop.

I've heard FFXV and MGSV are exclusive to PS4 in Japan, things like this are probably the reason.

Microsoft should probably stop wasting time and resources in a market they get outsold 30-1 consistently in, it doesn't look like the break through is going to happen at this point.

Abriael1449d ago

"I've heard FFXV and MGSV are exclusive to PS4 in Japan, things like this are probably the reason."

That's not true.

DarkAstronaut1449d ago

I'm almost 100% FFXV is, I've just been hearing rumors of MGS V just recently. Naruto is, Batman is, FFXV wouldn't be surprising.

Abriael1449d ago

"I'm almost 100% FFXV is"

And you're almost 100% wrong. Square Enix didn't say a pip about it.

DarkAstronaut1449d ago

Square Enix is not where I heard it from. As of now it's a rumor but considering the source, I wouldn't doubt it. You probably just missed it on Gaf, otherwise you would have wrote an "article" about it. Which would not be reposted by Gaf, naturally. Since your site is banned.

DragonKnight1449d ago

I'm sorry but f*** NeoGaf. That place is the cesspool of gaming news and the biggest echo chamber in existence, that's why you have to be approved to join, they only want sheep.

DarkAstronaut1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )


Feel how you want it doesn't change the fact most news goes through there first which is why these small sites leach if of it. As GAF says.

GAF -The Internet - GAF.

Edit: Completely slipped my mind, but KH3 was also mentioned.

DragonKnight1449d ago

@DarkAstronaut: I don't care how the sheep of NeoGaf choose to categorize themselves or their site. And no, rumours go through their first. News comes from actual sources that aren't afraid to reveal themselves.

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Godmars2901449d ago

"Considering, the 360 never did well in Japan either."

No. It started off well, better than the first Xbox anyway, but then dropped after many "exclusives" went over to the PS3 with added content.

Mustang300C20121449d ago

This news doesn't affect me or anyone that lives outside of Japan. Anything happening in Japan doesn't affect anyone outside of Japan. Doesn't make my console less useful of a Japanese game available in Japan.

nitus101448d ago

That depends on the Japanese game studio. There are many games developed in Japan that make it out to the world, of course there are some that don't.

If you only like non-Japanese games then it won't affect you one bit but there are 100's of millions of people around the world who do play games that were originally developed in Japan then translated and dubbed for world release.

benji1011449d ago

Dude, I work in a Japanese game studio and these are some hot rumors for you that are almost true. Dragon Quest 11 is a 3ds game. ffXV is never coming out for any console. And Phantom pain won't fit on a disk. Really, it is too big to be compressed and sold.

Farmassy1448d ago

yeah this is not big news. Everyone knew it wasn't going to do well... probably including the creators

And you mentioned times when they did break the top 50... in 2009... after the 360 had 4 YEARS to build an install base

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dragonyght1449d ago

be careful with this link getting malware warning whRead full when i click Read full story

1449d ago
nitus101448d ago

Well I don't run my web browser under a Microsoft OS so I am petty safe although I am not stupid enough to follow a link that my web browser (Chrome, Firefox, ... etc but no IE) warns of potential malwear.

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vikingland11449d ago

This is not news. News would be that an Xbox One game made it in the top 50.