Why Remasters & Remakes Are Good And We’re Wrong For Hating Them

Paul James writes "There has been a lot of talk in recent months about the current trend of re-releasing PS3 and Xbox 360 games in glossier, prettier forms on the Xbox One and PS4 with the latest game to get this treatment has been Capcom’s DmC: Devil May Cry. I was originally in the school of thought that was okay with the re-releases in the first year for titles such as Tomb Raider Definitive Edition but then wanted to see them fade into the sunset as we focus on new generation games. As time has progressed though, I’ve abandoned that thought process and come to understand that there’s nothing wrong with these continued releases… here’s why."

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Hellsvacancy1452d ago

Most people don't seem to mind rebuying films they've bought before, when I was a kid it was VHS tapes, then dvds came out so I basically rebought most of the films I already had on VHS, to then do it all AGAIN with Bluray movies, and likely again when Bluray gets replaced

Games are no different, nothing wrong with wanting something you like to be better, even if only by a little bit

Lord_Sloth1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Agreed. Plus, some of us never purchased these titles on the last gen. I was only able to borrow TloU due to my living conditions, but since the re-release on the PS4 my situation has improved tremendously.

Also I've repurchased RE4 with essentially every release....I regret nothing!

Army_of_Darkness1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

At first I was against them, but after playing and enjoying the graphical and frame rate upgrades on these remasters like tomb raider, Last of us and metro redux, I'm actually looking forward to a few more here and there because personally, I find the overall experience of last Gen games much better on the ps4 than I did on the ps3.

Gaming247allday1452d ago

Old games i understand remastering them, the games we cant play online anymore or they need to be updated, its the recent Games getting remastered i don't understand, 1,2 year old games that i can still play online and the graphics still look good, why do i need to re-buy this? makes them look greedy imo

Lord_Sloth1452d ago

Stability is a good reason to buy TloU on PS4. I agree that many of them are pointless but that doesn't mean they're entirely without value. Some of them (DW8XL, DMC4CE, and DmCDE) have added content and rebalancing as well.

_-EDMIX-_1452d ago

"i don't understand, 1,2 year old games that i can still play online and the graphics still look good, why do i need to re-buy this? makes them look greedy imo"

Nope. Just makes you sound entitled, young and self centered. Sorry bud but its not all about you. They don't exist for you to merely "re-buy" them, others didn't play the game and they don't exist solely for you to enjoy them......they exist because they MAKE MONEY!!!

Do you really think a company like Capcom just ask "How did RE2 end? Can we make a sequel based on how it ended?" as if the damn sequel exist because of the logic of the if Capcom was just never going to make a sequel for the sake of money, it existed because of some logic outside of business.. lol. I'm sorry but someone must be really wrong with you to think that a games existence has something to do with the concept of "YOU" buying it twice ,as if it was only made to get Gaming247allday to buy it again.

It exist because a market exist that will buy it....the end.

They don't care you played it, they don't care Raccoon City no longer exist in RE lol, the game is made for the sole reason of making money.

Or did you not know what Business was? lol

jambola1452d ago

is it just me, or are there a lot more articles telling us why we're wrong for out opinions lately?
i mean blatantly putting in the title that we're wrong

Kal-V31452d ago

Because having an educated opinion is one thing, having a mob mentality-like opinion is another. You do know some people hate remakes just because they heard someone say remakes are bad, don't you?

DigitalRaptor1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Nothing wrong with them.

1. They're optional, and usually reasonably priced with DLC included, and if you wait before buying them, they become even cheaper.
2. People think that it means we're getting less new games, which isn't true, as there are more games to play than ever before.
3. It's good for those that want better versions of games they may or may not have played.

We don't get the home media community writing articles about re-releases of films and TV series.

Neixus1452d ago

Don't buy them if you don't like them.
If you're mad that a studio uses their time on a remaster, don't worry, it's ussually handled by another team.

GokuSolosAll1452d ago

I don't hate them, I just think you need to let more than a damn year pass before you regurgitate it. There's a fat list of remakes I want, including ANOTHER Street Fighter 2 for PS4, "Super Street Fighter II Turbo 4K 3D Remix Final Edition," please.

_-EDMIX-_1452d ago

"I don't hate them, I just think you need to let more than a damn year pass before you regurgitate it"


Sorry bud but there is not reason for that. Why? SOooooooooo waste time for what exactly? Your telling a company to hault on making money why exactly? LMFAO!

Sorry you don't feel like "seeing" them release. Hide under a rock, stay away from the internet etc. Most that hate ports don't even have a damn logical reason behind it lol.

Can you even tell me how not releasing a port after a certain amount of time will even effect or help them?

You A. Don't need to buy it twice.

B. Buy it another time.

C. They will get sales from those that never played it.

Hell...look at The Last Of Us...7 million units sold BEFORE a PS4 port.

GTAV 35 Million BEFORE a PS4,XONE, PC port etc.

Sooo leave money on the table to make you feel better or something? Welcome to business bud...

GokuSolosAll1451d ago

"Waste time?" Sorry little buddy, but only idiots want a game they bought a year ago with MINIMAL updates. I don't have to like it and I will express that. YOU can go buy TLOU: Same Edition if you want to.j

Remakes should actually have significant upgrades in all departments. and that comes with time.

Watch your tone too, you snotty little shit.

1452d ago
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