Dragon Age Inquisition, Watch Dogs and more get big discounts in Christmas deals

Amazon's Christmas deals have been updated with Watch Dogs at $19.99, Dragon Age Inquisition dropping (once again) to $39.99 and more.

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Mustang300C20121424d ago

Dragon Age deluxe edition digital version for $46 on Xbox One.

showtimefolks1424d ago

awesome prices but for some reason i just couldn't get into dragon age, combat just doesn't feel smooth. I can't point to one thing but i guess the game just wasn't for me

Halo2ODST21423d ago

I dislike the combat, but it gets better as you progress, and the other aspects of the game are great,

ps4gamer19831423d ago

It's an rpg not a hack & slash

Ozmoses1424d ago

too bad you can't log on to purchase them.. they better extend the sales due to the situations...

so many kids are balling their eyes out right now...

I was in GameStop on the 24th and these people bought their son some Borderlands DLC or something.... well if they gave it to him today.. he can't even redeem the code.....

it's sad... Literally so many children expecting to play the newest and greatest games got crushed by these bastard hackers.

showtimefolks1424d ago

and sad thing is these hackers say we do this for gamers when the gamers are the ones getting hurt

Skate-AK1424d ago

They aren't hackers. Just some people with too much time on their hands DDOSing servers.

Ozmoses1424d ago

regardless if they're hackers or not...


so enough with the semantics... hackers or DDOS or whatever...

the damn shit isn't working.

Geekman1423d ago

I find it ironic that Hackers are preventing people from buying a game about hackers.

Kinda off topic, but still, you gotta admit, that's pretty funny.

Muzikguy1424d ago

wtf Sony get your act together!!! That is of course unless you want a lot of returns!!! (PSN down for me too)

Oh and OT I STILL don't believe WD is worth that much.