PlayTM: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review

PlayTM writes: "Reviewing a new Guitar Hero game is almost as problematic as performing the same duties for new versions of SingStar. The always-impressive guitar game has long since been buffed and shined to perfection leaving really only the track listing to argue about. In fact most GH reviews can be summed up by saying if you like the track listing and you like Guitar Hero then you'll like this game. Having said that, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is a little different. Not a lot, but a bit.

As the name suggests this new entry into the GH brand tweaks the formula a tad by focusing on a single band, Aerosmith (in case that wasn't obvious), allowing you to play through the band's career right from their first ever gig. The decision to focus on a single band like this is a great idea on the face of it, and if you're an Aerosmith fan this is probably exactly the GH game you've been praying for. The critical question is will the rest of the world enjoy the experience quite as much."

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