More Hori PlayStation 4 HD Monitor details: buttons, ports, refresh rate and more

New Hori PlayStation 4 HD Monitor details include button and port placement, refresh rate and more.

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Mightyb0tt1447d ago

Don't click on that link .. said it was contain with a ton of malicious crap...

Not sure what the REAL price of this is .. But i managed to pre0order this for 20 bucks off Amazon .. Not sure if place holder or price error .. But still good on my end lol.

john21447d ago

That's N4G's issue. Currently every story displays that message.

Mightyb0tt1447d ago

Ahh ok. Just hoped on the site today & was the first story i got on.

ChronoJoe1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Just a warning, had the PS3 version of these and it was quite poor quality. Even though the specs were... decent, 720p, the picture quality was still quite poor, for instance its colour range was terrible, and it would never display blacks properly.

The hinge was also awful, while it was supposed to function on like a variable degree due to the hinge, the hinge quickly lost its resistance and this restricted me to a very limited viewing angle (because the screen couldn't be viewed properly if you weren't head on).

I had fun with it though. I mean I used to take the PS3 one to college at least once a week, and have a good laugh playing my PS3 games while everyone else was working. At the end of the day it might not be the best quality but if you want a portable PS4 then there's not really many options available.

Agent_00_Revan1447d ago

It's nice, but an 11.6 inch display is really small, even sitting up close.

I game on a GAEMS Vanguard which has a 19" screen. It's a great size, but there are times when I think that even that is a bit small.

ChronoJoe1447d ago

The Gaems products are much better than the Hori, particularly because the viewing angles on the screens are much better, and the screen sizes too. It's actually possible to play multiplayer on the single screen... somewhat.

As you point out, 11.6 inch isn't fantastic to begin with, however from experience it becomes much more of a problem when you want to play something that shares portions of the screen between players.

gamingisnotacrime1447d ago

Yep, i ordered the m155 which is a usb powered 15 in monitor. Hori products in the past were very expensive and okish quality

Skate-AK1447d ago

Yeah like the size of a tablet. I don't see it being too much of an issue though. My Vita screen is smaller and I use remote play all the time.

Svinya1447d ago

But...people play ps4 games via remote play using 4-5 inch phones and vitas....

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JamesBondage1446d ago

Wtf N4G? im going to stop using your site if you continue these shenanigans