The Elder Scrolls Online Is Officially Coming Into Next-Gen Consoles Next Year

If you are a big fan of The Elder Scrolls series, with the latest game being Skyrim, prepare for the big news.

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neocores1390d ago

I was really looking forward to this game. But when u delay this long. Noty

nX1390d ago

Actually the game itself scared me away, not the delay. Maybe they have fixed most of the issues but I still won't support monthly subscriptions.

GameNameFame1390d ago

The game did improve alot. Enjoyed it alot more than i did in beta.

I got it when it was 15 bucks for game and 1 month.

I seriously hope that they do not try to make it 60 bucks and $15 mo on consoles.

It is not true elder scrolls game, but if you look at is as just mmo, it is pretty good besides the price tag.

nX1390d ago

^In my opinion no game on this earth is worth 60$ + 15$ per month. There are so many other games on the market, I don't want to support these kind of business models.

DanteVFenris6661390d ago

@bloodborn you don't understand. The 15$ a month is for free content updates and maintain servers. Your money is used well. The game is drastically changing with new features and improvments.

And wow is still 10mill or so subs with this exact same model for 10 years so it works

Palitera1390d ago

Saying the "model" works because a few titles can profit on it is not a good argument.

christian hour1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Yeah the initial reactions to the game have put me off it, I havent looked in to it since release to see if they've fixed a lot of the problems and complaints people were having.

But there have been a tonne of MMO's that were disappointing at launch but evolved in to a much more enjoyable experience over time. I'd say it will be no different for ESO eventually, if it hasnt happened already. I'm aware a simple Google search would answer my question, but its christmas, i'm allowed a day off :D

SoapShoes1390d ago

Just get Final Fantasy XIV it's the much better MMO anyway and has a huge update coming soon. I will look into ES Online again when the console version hits however.

lemoncake1390d ago

Monthly subscription, in app purchases or payed dlc every few months that rises the caps. At end of the day they always get your money, just some methods are more obvious than others.

Maxor1390d ago

I would rather pay $15 a month than play a blood sucking free to play game that constantly spam me with in game item sales or break the community with dozens of insulting pay gates.

Free to play is a plague in this industry and it's concepts are creeping into retail products as well. I would like to see this business model wipe off the face earth.

TheGrimReaper00111390d ago

You say:

The 15$ a month is for free content updates and maintain servers.

Are you that retarded? You pay 15 dollars for free content? THINK

If they ask 15 dollars a month and lets say 5 dollars a month for servers (though thats bullshit too), it leaves 10 dollars a month for "free" content. So this content that should be released every month, should be about 1/6 of extra content of the base game, considering the game costs 60 and you pay +/- 10 dollars every month

Besides, minecraft, terraria, guild wars, LOL, Soul Sacrifice Delta, ... all have online multiplayer, all have FREE updates and DONT have an online subscription. Not a single game is worth a 15 dollars a month in content. Not one. Period.

morganfell1390d ago

Two videos say it all. And there is adult humor in these commentaries.

I tried to play it but I could not get past the constant comparison to Skyrim...or Morrowind...or Oblivion. Those games with all their bugs were just so much better. Each made such leaps over the previous title yet with ESO I felt like it was a tremendous step backwards. Bugs can be fixed but when Zeni demonstrate no interest in fixing major gameplay decisions that everyone despises then I am out of the game. There are just too many incredible titles out and on the way to bother with ESO.

NuggetsOfGod1390d ago

I don't support monthly subscriptions or paid multiplayer

jznrpg1389d ago

Monthly subscription isn't the worst thing if the game is worth it, I paid for Everquest for 6 yrs gladly.

jebabcock1389d ago

Will this share servers with pc? If not I expect it has zero chance of success on console. Just won't be a big enough population...they waited to long for release.

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Bansai1390d ago

This is still coming to next-gen consoles ? Wow, talk about being late, already forgot about it, not even gonna bother, 2015 is gonna be PACKED with awesome games.

Gamer19821390d ago

Prepare for a few thousand sales.. It got horrible reviews at launch and PC subs are dying now as its not a great game. That's not the main issue though the main issue is it's took too damn long people expected this along with PC release back in 2013 and got told nothing.. They probably still have pre-orders from back then too..

SUCKxITxEZ1390d ago

The game came out in April 2014...

Drabent1390d ago

No one wants this crap><

ScubbaSteve1390d ago

I was expecting "The Elder Scrolls Online Is Officially Coming to an End" as the title when i started reading it.

Drabent1390d ago

Imao! Its dead in the water, they trying to pull another defiance or destiny O.o.

SUCKxITxEZ1390d ago

Not really sure why people hate this game. The business model is 10 yrs old, and people enjoy it. Not really hurting the industry in any way. My roommate plays a free-to-play mmo called age of wushu and spends over 30$ a month on average.

tee_bag2421390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

Agreed. This game is a POS. I was part of the beta program and couldn't force myself to play it longer than 1 hour. Unless you like MMO's, don't bother with this game. Real Elder scrolls we're come to love it aint!

TheBurger291390d ago

Its a crappy MMO as well.

Baka-akaB1390d ago

The game got so much to fix , it's not even funny .... at least they had the good sense of not releasing to the slaughter on consoles yet .

After the complete rehaul of FFXIV into a brand new game , anything is possible , but i dont hold much faith into this .

After all even if they do fix the issues , it doesnt really feel much like a proper ES game .

SUCKxITxEZ1390d ago

They have fixed pretty much all the issues. I played about 7 months ago but stopped. This month my roommate picked the game up so I resubed and all my old complaints seem to be resolved. The lip synching is perfect, haven't ran into one bug, and as long as we're in the same group, no phasing

Kamikaze1351390d ago

Yeah, I played it at launch and with so many issues plaguing it, I stopped playing it. I've read that the big issues have been resolved and lots of smaller issues were as well. I think I'll wait till the console release to play it again. If they delayed the console version to try and perfect the game, I could only imagine that the console release will be what the game really should have been like at launch, plus a ton of new content.

Eldyraen1390d ago

I enjoyed it on PC for a while so as long as a friend picks it up on PS4 I'll jump back on board even if its just for the free month.

ESO is neither the best MMO or a true ES game but I could play it again as long as its with a buddy.

SaveFerris1390d ago

Wait, hold on. Is the PS5, Xbox Two and Wii Three set to release in 2015?

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