Why Trophies will turn PS3 Gamers into whores

There is a cruel twist install for PS3 gamers that Sony may have overlooked in its quest to copy Xbox live.'s Lexx explores why PSN trophies will inevitably turn PS3 gamers in trophy whores...

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tojfs79313615d ago

While i go back to trying to get my first trophy in SuperStar Dust HD.

meepmoopmeep3615d ago

i dunno, since the update i found the sudden urge to find a nice street corner all for myself


2Negative3614d ago

Just don't cross onto my corner or i'll cut you. I been whoring it up since long before PS3, all you new whores better learn your place.

CrashSharc3614d ago

lol @ you two

Thanks for making my work day go by a little quicker ;)


Rhezin3615d ago

They already lick the floor of what sony has to offer.

This cheap imitation of xbox live is hilarious....and sad.

PoSTedUP3614d ago

i think you mean "free"...

Bazookajoe_833614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

"They already lick the floor of what sony has to offer."

Is licking floor a good or a bad thing? my dog lick the floor, he also licks his crouch..

Pain3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Only whore's Ones u must be talking about are the One's that take it up the A$$ from MonkeySoft.
like yourself for example....or guy above

Pay to play Online
Cheap Products
E-penis points
Lame attempts to be PS3

PSN>>Live , truth sucks.

oh and i kissed that Trophies too ^^ more to the right alil above hers.

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Surfman3615d ago

Boooring. Why everyone try to slam the PS3. Just admits that the PS3 is gaining ground and improve itself day after day.

felidae3614d ago

eehm. yeah, they improve .. but they don't come close to the 360s live service and features.

maybe next time.

Rhezin3615d ago

ANOTHER CHEAP XBLA IMITATION OF GEOMETRY WARS. Yah go ahead and get that "trophy" for Not Geometry Wars. I think i heard Geometry Wars 2 is coming out soon. YAY!

mattkelly19913615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

You know what sounds like fun? Not shooting Squares. Get a life bro.

Kami3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

did you know super star dust was actually an AMIGA game published in 1994?? if not then don't talk crap, you stupid moron

PirateThom3614d ago


Microsoft invented gaming with the XBox, this "Amiga" is just a Sony fanboy pipe dream....

In other news, Geometry Wars isn't innovative, it's a rip off of Asteroids and Super Star Dust and so on.

UGA_13615d ago

Who in the hell is

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The story is too old to be commented.

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