Most Epic Fail Games of 2014

Launching with barely any content or with lot of broken features, this year many games were released and these games managed to disappoint and underwhelm the players. Few of them were with the massive budgets and also best development team but they can’t stop the games from tripping and falling on their face once they hit the market.

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gamehunter1398d ago

well, Assassin's Creed Unity was one of the bigger failure but they manage it very well with the almost 40 GB patch update, Gz UBISOFT

Lord_Sloth1398d ago

Meanwhile, backwards flying, game crashing dragons didn't count as the most epic fail in it's year....

Man_Marmalade1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Site contains malware according to my browser.

JD_Shadow1398d ago

I put in a ticket for this earlier today. This is a site wide issue that was going on for a good number of out links on this site today. Just click on wherever the "go to anyway" link is, because it's not the site that's doing it to you. It's N4G's side for some reason.

harv7111398d ago

Pretty bad when google wont let you visit because of malware. Why are there so many gaming sites with malware? And I associate most of it from linked sites from N4G. Can we have some sort of ban for people who link sites that are confirmed to contain malware? And can we also take down articles that will send you to a site with it?

JD_Shadow1398d ago

It's happening with most of the outlinks on N4G right now, and I'm not sure why. Thought Google was just bugged, but Firefox is saying this, too. As I said to the person above, this is something I put in a ticket about, since I experienced this going on earlier today.

harv7111398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Thanks for the reply and also entering the ticket. I tried to report this article but for whatever reason it would not let me submit it. I noticed N4G was acting a little laggy so I just figured there were other issues going on. I'm still kind of bent cause PSN is still down and I wanted to play GTA5 online. :P

OculusRift1398d ago

DriveClub? Pfft. This was made by someone who's obviously never played Driveclub.. Unity on the other hand. Pfft.

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