Wired Review: Trauma Center 2 Is Routine Surgery

Wired writes: "Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 is a clone of the original Nintendo DS surgery game.

Everything, from the gameplay to the characters to the game's intense surgical puzzles, seems largely recycled from the first game, which was hailed as one of the first truly innovative and interesting uses of the Nintendo DS' touchscreen. Now, after two installments on Wii, it's all been-there, cut-that as the game returns to the DS.

Whether this is a positive or a negative depends largely on your feelings for the original Under the Knife -- although even its most ardent fans will wonder why we waited three years since the series' first DS outing if the result was going to be this cookie-cutter release.

Under the Knife 2 continues the story of Dr. Derek Stiles, the brilliant young sawbones from the original game. In this entry, along with nurse Angie Thompson, he has traveled to the fictional African republic of Costigar in an effort to stem the tide of GUILT, the crazy disease that affected patients in the previous game."

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