Destiny – How to Cheese Crota’s End Raid Final Boss

Showing you the exploit which allows you to cheese Crota in Destiny, the final boss of the Crota’s End Raid for the Dark Below DLC. The host of the game has to disconnect from the session. The second Crota shields will go down. Crota will then remain in a kneeling position for the rest of the game which allows you to kill him very easily.

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Rooted_Dust1451d ago

I was invited into a group that did this. It was my first time 'beating' Crota, and it ruined it for me.

miiikkeyyyy1451d ago

How can you blame them for ruining Crota? You could of left the fireteam at any time!

XboxOneX1451d ago

Seeing people glitch the game like this makes me VERY angry. I hope anyone who does this gets a console ban and NEVER allowed to play video games on the PSN ever again.

Avernus1451d ago

Not sure if serious or being sarcastic...

Console ban? lol

I haven't seen this done yet, and needless to say I haven't done this to beat the raid. Crota is easy when you do it with a group that knows what they're doing.

Ever try to do a raid with randoms? You pray for cheese like this because some people are just mentally challenged, and make games appear to be harder than they really are.

People do these things to get it done with, and not spend whole night trying to explain to a noob how to do his job and pull his weight.

Exploits like this are lame, but I understand why people do it.

InTheZoneAC1451d ago

I didn't do much vault of glass and the few times I've tried crota everyone wants to glitch the entire damn raid.

It feels like 99% of the gaming community wants everything handed to them instead of just playing like you normally do, just earning as you go.

ForgivenZombie1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Exactly, I have beaten Crota with my team 7 times already legit. I was invited to a fireteam that wanted to glitch Crota I laughed and left because I saw no reason to warrant trying this. I am still disappointed in Bungie's RNG system. I have only gotten 2 pieces of new raid gear while the rest of my team have full sets of raid gear and are level 32. Please fix this Bungie.

cr33ping_death1451d ago

Wow... this fight is easier than Atheon. People want more content to ruin it like this?

KRUSSIDULL1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Hopefully fixed until hard raid but then there will probably be new glitches. I have had no problem defeating Crota with my team legit. It's actually faster to do it legit because of the loading times for host to join back in and the failure rate that it wont work everytime.

ManiacMansion1451d ago

First Bungie needs to fix the Loot system, thx.

As for this bug, it will take some time to fix that... i am enjoying it :)...

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