DICE's Environment Artist Experiments With CRYENGINE & Creates A Breathtaking Mountain Map

Joakim Stigsson, environment artist at DICE, has been experimenting lately with CRYENGINE and created a spectacular mountain map. In addition, Joakim has included a house with incredible indoor details to it. This map is taking advantage of CRYENGINE’s Physical Based Rendering techniques, and looks absolutely stunning.

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sungam3d1243d ago

2:18 Now THAT'S a puddle worth of a dead body dropped in it!

purpleblau1243d ago

The scene reminds me of Alan Wake, anyone?

Lon3wolf1243d ago

Yeah same here, kept expecting to see the shrink in one of the scenes of the lodge.

Aleithian1243d ago

I'm getting a malware warning when I click the link. Says attackers are on N4G at the moment...

john21243d ago (Edited 1243d ago )

Yeah, something wrong with N4G currently? DSOG does not display such a message. In fact I'm getting this message in every story in N4G right now.

Aleithian1243d ago

Hmm. I haven't tried any other stories yet - just logged in.

Mikefizzled1243d ago

Got it on Dualshockers link earlier. Odd.

LonDonE1242d ago

Yep i too am getting this malware link warning today on nearly every article with a screen shots click to view link! WTF? some one needs to look into this.

Especially on all the dualshockers links but when i go to dualshockers manually through my browsers bookmarks the malware warning does not appear? how strange.

ShottyGibs1242d ago

Same here. N4G is about as clean as visiting a porn site.

HaveAsandwich1243d ago

malware popup with this site, and dual shockers, for some reason

john21242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Fixed. All N4G links now are working fine

Edit: And now every link again displays that warning message

MonkeyOne1243d ago

We already have this people

It's called Skyrim

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