Nintendo Power Rumor Solved?

Kombo writes: "The Nintendo Power rumor has been solved. Well, maybe it has and maybe it hasn't. We all know about the infamous Nintendo Power rumor with the sword in the purple bubble that many believed to be Kingdom Hearts 3 for Wii. At the time, it appeared that was the most logical and feasible reason when looking over the hints given in the magazine itself. But, what if those hints were truly nothing to gaze at and just incoherent ramblings of the Nintendo Power staff? Well, I think the answer to the riddle has been solved."

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iamtehpwn3697d ago

b00bs ;-;

CT DS remake will pwn.

Isaac3697d ago

The enhanced port, who knows...

Pacifist3697d ago

I thought a remake was an enhanced port. I think you meant to say, the ported version will pwn, but the remake who knows...

Reibooi3697d ago

Here is a crazy idea... Wait until the next issue and find out then.

Smacktard3697d ago

Chrono Trigger was beautiful, and one of the few RPGs I adore, yet I have a feeling Squeenix will mess this up. I imagine it'll be a port with a few small, trashy additions, just to make a quick buck. I think Square-Enix stopped caring about gamers awhile ago.

Don't know if want...

Jikla3697d ago

isn't it already confirmed that they are working on KH 3 for the PS 3? I think I have read about it here on n4g somewhere. It's probably Chrono Trigger remake for the ds :/ And I hope square don't mess this up for us gamers in that case.

cooke153697d ago

Chrono Trigger would be awsome!!

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