Wired Preview: A Hilariously Gross Take on Grimm Fairy Tales

Wired writes: "If you like your games gross, violent and full of laughs, you'd do well to check out American McGee's Grimm.

Described by publisher GameTap as a cross between the cult hit games American McGee's Alice and Katamari Damacy, the game casts you as Grimm himself: a disgusting gnome who's fed up with today's squeaky-clean, sanitized, Disney versions of fairy tales and wants to restore them to their original, disgusting roots.

Grimm's distribution method is as innovative as the gameplay: One half-hour episode will be released every week starting July 31.

I've played through the first episode, A Boy Who Learns What Fear Is. GameTap will distribute this inaugural episode for free, both on the company's games-on-demand service for PCs and through other major game-download sites.

Each episode of Grimm has three major parts. First, you see a "puppet show" that tells the fairy tale in the lighthearted manner that Grimm himself so despises. The graphics are powered by Unreal Engine 3, the same tech that powers Gears of War, but Grimm couldn't look more different: It's a collection of cartoon characters and settings. They're low in polygons but high on style; comparisons to Katamari Damacy are unavoidable."

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