UGO: James Bond Quantum of Solace Game Preview

UGO writes: "Car chases? Check. Spy gadgets? Check. Poker? Check. None of these things will be in the new James Bond video game. Wait, wha?? Yes, this is the new Daniel Craig Bond, the spy that fights dirty and dangerous up close and personal, and not about cars that transform into boats and watches with lasers on them. Other expectations to cast aside: it's a cheap movie tie-in, it's the first true successor to GoldenEye, and it's just another shooter. With that out of the way, let me introduce you Quantum of Solace, the new/next James Bond game.

In embarking on the quest to build a new Bond game, Treyarch had to unlearn some of the mistakes made in previous games from other publishers as well as they're own; most notably, avoiding the tendency to do too much the first time at bat. Boiled down, the guiding principles were to be simple but deep. As laid out by executive producer, Garrett Young: Create a next generation game, allow the player to be Bond, and to have Quantum of Solace be the start of a franchise. That said, the game was also to include the storylines and sequences from both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. The good news is that means gamers can re-live all the best sequences from the newest Bond movies."

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