PS4 Exclusive Deep Down is Alive; Gets Amazing New Screenshots, Showcases the "Green Dungeon"

Capcom released four new screenshots of Deep Down, showcasing a new kind of dungeon named “Green Dungeon,” apparently based on the element of water.

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DarkOcelet1273d ago

Damn Giuseppe you are fast. Keep up the great work mate. And its good to hear more news about Deep Down.

Abriael1273d ago

Glad to be of service :D

guitarded771273d ago

Huhu Huhu... you said "service".

For real though, I hope these aren't bullshots. The game looks amazing.

ABizzel11273d ago

For some reason this has me extremely hyped to see God of War on PS4.

And Happy Holidays to all.

combatcash1272d ago

Looks very detailed, I hope the gameplay holds up well.

Kamikaze1351273d ago

"He also promised that the team will make an effort in 2015 as well to meet everyone’s expectations."

That's a pretty bold thing to state, lol.

Abriael1273d ago

Think positive, it's Christmas :D

Kamikaze1351272d ago

Heh, you're right. Well regardless, I certainly can't wait to play this game. It looks pretty good! Happy holidays :D

jhoward5851273d ago

Dang, look at those texture scales on that monster.

Pintheshadows1273d ago

In the fourth picture it looks like one of the monsters has just told his mate a joke.

torchic1273d ago

so many Dark Souls clones on the market atm. hope this game is different in gameplay mechanics

nucky641273d ago

uh, and the dark souls games are demon souls clones.

KonaSquid1273d ago

Yup, and the whole PVP thing in those games was Sony's idea in the first place.

EvilWay1273d ago

They are made by the same guy, except DS2........

fullmetal2971272d ago

That logic would apply if those two games were wearnt made the same team. In fact dark souls considered a sequel over demon souls.

torchic1272d ago

I know that. but Dark Souls and Demon's Souls are very similar, so you can use both interchangeably in this instance. I understand why hardcore Sony fans were angered by my comment, but at the same time I was just being loose with my wording.

Eiyuuou1270d ago

Naming it a clone wouldn't be very correct since Dark souls is Demon Souls's "spiritual" successor.

Dunno why they didn't call it Demon Souls 2 though... Maybe because they are in different worlds.

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SoapShoes1273d ago

Oh the trolls are delicious here!!

torchic1272d ago

how am I a troll? it looks like a Dark Souls clone to me.

so because I have an opinion I'm a troll? you need to grow up if that's the case :/

KwietStorm1273d ago

Please do name these Dark Souls clones. And if you think something is a clone just because of a medieval setting..I just hope that's not what you're saying.

Kal-V31273d ago

Lords of the Fallen is the only one i can think of. Hardly justifies a "all these DS clones" rant for just one game. Not like the "DOOM clones" in the 90's. I'd say deep down will play more like a 3rd person Eye of the Beholder or Grimrock over DS.

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The story is too old to be commented.