Giant Bomb Reviews Battlefield: Bad Company

Lots of games have explosions–with all the conflict and war being represented on various video game machines these days, I'd almost be willing to wager that there are more games that have explosions than games that don't. As a result, most standard destruction has become passe. Punching an exploding barrel just doesn't have the same thrill that it once did. That's why someone is always out there, working in secret on games that give explosions the respect they deserve. Sometimes, though, these games focus too much on the explosion, and the gameplay suffers as a result. So it's nice when all this stuff can co-exist. Battlefield: Bad Company has great-looking bangs, but the reason they're so thrilling is because they do more than just damage all nearby players, enemies, and vehicles. These explosions dig big divots in the environment, knock down fences, and blast holes in the sides of buildings, making them an exciting and useful gameplay addition that helps make the whole game better.

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SolidSnake933667d ago

I'll save my money for SOCOM.

ErcsYou3667d ago

Todays date: July 3
Socom's release date: October 14

You still have over 3 month's until Socom releases. Im sure you can save another $65 in 3 month's if you decided to pick up Bad Company...

MUNKYPOO3667d ago

or just have a friend who works for ea get it for you at a discount. like i did