Australia shows US how a real broadband strategy works

Australia's government is backing an ambitious plan to build a new fiber-to-the-node network that will reach 98 percent of Australians and offer a minimum 12Mbps to all. But just how open will it be? Google has some thoughts.

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funkeystu3666d ago

"Google points out (PDF) that Australians are already one of the most "managed" countries in the world, with average broadband caps of 14.75GB per month"

I'm pretty surprised that the average cap is that high, most telco's seem to advertise 256k connections with 1gb caps, I mean there's a few decent plans out there, but I think there's a disproportionately high number of s**t ones.

Here's hoping they pull it off!

Kakkoii3665d ago

Wow, theres companies that get away with giving that horrible of monthly caps? That's insane..

The one I have here in Canada is 10mbps(25mbps temp boosts) and a 100gb monthly limit. But not an actual CAP.