The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC Evolution Announced for PS Vita

Nihon Falcom, well known for creating the Ys franchise, is remaking one of their RPG classic. It was rumored and heavily hinted at a week ago that they’d be revealing a new game, or potentially a re-release in The Legend of Heroes series, and it was today they finally confirmed it.

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ValKilmer1455d ago

Oh my god, Santa must exist, because this is what I asked him for Christmas.

Ranma11454d ago

Sony needs to make all vita games available on PS4 as well.

Such a common sense business decision. I dont know why they dont do it

3-4-51454d ago

A FC/SC HD Bundle package for Vita would be nice in the U.S.

illtornworld1455d ago

OMG!!!! yes this was THE frikn JRPG i was waiting for. hurry and release it <3

PoSTedUP1455d ago

nice, was just bout to get the psp version, looks like im waiting (and that jrpgs are becoming more an more sucessful on the vita). ^_^y

TwilightSparkle1454d ago

Sooo is this coming to north America or just japan?

Inception1454d ago

This version is currently for japan. Who knows if Xseed bring it to US.

But you can buy the PSP version on PSN or Steam that already localized by Xseed.

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