Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Xbox One vs PS4 Performance Comparison

One of the best games of the year, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was released on November 3. But the question now is: will this game run better on Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

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DarkOcelet1449d ago

Even though PS4 dips a frame or two alot of times it doesnt look noticeable and lets not forget the PS4 is 1920x1080 and Xone is 1360x1080.

Gaming247allday1449d ago

Yea, even though some Xbox One games run it a lower resolution, with the built-in upscaler it doesn't look that noticeable as well, lets not forget that all these games are fun and both Consoles have their positives and negatives!

DarkOcelet1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I personally don't mind which is more powerful or which runs better by 2 frames or something like that, i just put that comment there in case people wanted to make a big deal out of this and i wanted to point out the ups and downs like you said both Consoles have their positives and negatives! so in a way your comment completed mine so thanks for that :)

mikeslemonade1449d ago

Which is fine since the X1 is cheaper now. They couldn't get away from being more expensive but weaker.

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DevilOgreFish1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I believe XB1's version also operates a scaleable vertical resolution which scales through 1920 to 1360, A fact that seems to already be forgotten.

headblackman1449d ago

call of duty on the x1 is 1080p also, it just scales down on high stress scenes. they are both the same, so there's no reason to make it seem as if they aren't.

scotmacb1449d ago

Its only 1360x1080 on multiplayer single player is higher dynamic some parts are 1080p but smoothness is the most important thing so xbox is better i think if it drop 10fps i would notice

Ju1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

60 - 56 fps = 1.2ms. If you think you can notice this you must be a genius. But then, I guess it's tough to notice 1920-1360 = 560, either (even though the relation here is much bigger than the temporal difference). Depending on the screen size.

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optimus1449d ago

outside of one being darker than the other (which can be adjusted in settings) i really can't see the difference...never understood that frame rate argument. a lot of these tech geeks make it sound like 30fps runs at a snail's pace.

FanboyKilla1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Trying to get under ps fanboy skin with this eh? You will. Cant wait to come back and read tis comment section later today.

You see @below me, here they come. I think the troll is the one who is pointing out that the xone version performs and looks better.

Lmfao its not taken serious because you crying like a wet diaper baby over video games. MATE.

poor_cus_of_games1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Why? It's xmas day and all that you've got planned is hanging around to see how people react to a article? That's sad.
Edit @ fanboy thanks for the pm I'm here like everyone else. To read up on gaming news. Not to hang around trolling waiting on replies to a arrogant statement. I hope that now I have answered your pm.

DarkOcelet1449d ago

Trolls like you is why the gaming community is not taken seriously. GROW UP MATE...

CernaML1449d ago

"xone version performs and looks better."

no_more_heroes1449d ago

At what points does the XB1 version switch between resolutions though? Remember that it switches between 1920 and 1360 horizontally.

Rimeskeem1449d ago

How bout we enjoy the game on our preferred console?

is that too much to ask for?

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The story is too old to be commented.