Microsoft stepping up Xbox sales campaign in China

BEIJING - Microsoft is ramping up its sales campaign for the Xbox One video game console in China, seeking to take full advantage of its head start over its key rival, Sony's PlayStation.

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qwerty6761451d ago

they need to bring more software

thats really whats holding them back.

beereal3601451d ago

Well the xbox has way better games than Sony so it shouldn't be a problem but more eastern games would most definitely help.

ScorpiusX1451d ago

I don't live in China and want them to bring it.

1451d ago
ImAPotato1451d ago

Its cause the harsh rules in China, they won't let any type of violence get through, so maybe Xbox should get more chinese devs to work on non violent games.

josephayal1451d ago

I want them to sell 25 million in china

jjonez181451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

That would be amazing. Would completely make up for their lesser presence in Japan and Europe. Might even get X1 to the 100m club with PS1, PS2, and Wii if things play out for Xbox like they did last generation.