My Dad The Casual Gamer: When Call of Duty is Perfect

Pixel Gate UK writes:

''You know them games that are so generic, so dull and so one note? Yeah my father loves them. I’ve tried many times to introduce quality games to him that go further than just shooting nameless enemies. I gave him Journey and his verdict was ”it’s like a boring dog walk, without the dog”. I lent Dark Souls, Dishonored and Catherine but he merely laughed them out of the park. Every time I try to expand his video game horizons, he ends up narrowing them.''

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PoSTedUP1391d ago

good read. my dad is the opposite, he has beaten mgs4 more times than i did. he's a big RE fan but thinks the last good one was RE4. he's the reason i was playing Gran Turismo @ 5-6 yrs old, and the reason i got to play a lot of ps1 and n64 games. hes a big MGS fan since the first one. he loved operation flashpoint and would play coop with me all the time. his new franchise is farcry right now. hes not an online gamer at all tho, no matter how many times i try to connect him online competitive, hes just not interested.

StrawberryDiesel4201391d ago

My father just turned 60, he thought Wii tennis and golf was amazing a few years ago when the I got the Wii at launch. He could care less about console/PC gaming as it was well before his time. He loves film/cinema though.

Kryptonite42O1389d ago

apparently Wii gets alot of love from the older crowd. I hear they are quite popular in old folks homes. most likely because many of them would be unable to bowl or golf in real life.