The Sports Game Stigma

Pixel Gate UK writes:

''I like sports games…yet people seem to have issue with people playing them. The amount of times I’ve heard ”why would you play Fifa when you can play football in real life” is getting pretty ridiculous now. More often than not the people saying this have no interest in sport (or at least football…soccer for you lot in the US) so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Either way it often comes of as slightly snooty.''

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PoSTedUP1426d ago

i play sports games because real sports are hard, expensive, and you can get hurt. i love playing sports dont get me wrong. i just had too many close encounters. i just take it easy: i dont box any more, just train. i dont play hockey anymore, i just ice skate for fun and exercise etc. i still play handball and other less physical sports once in a while.

but sports games are fun and the ppl who criticise them are stupid. if so many people can sit around watching people play them, of course ppl are going to want to do somethig similar that involves controlling and ineracting with them. i know i dont want to rally up 18 people to go play a game of flag football for 3 hours, maybe if you are into that sort of thing, but im more of a gamer than anything nowadays.

Horny1426d ago

I do both. Problem solved. Still fun to play a round of fifa with friends while having some drinks. However, I do prefer actually playing the sport.