“Long-Awaited” Home Console Game to be Announced Soon by Cho Aniki Developer Masaya Games

Masaya Games, developer of the cult Cho Aniki series just updated its official website with the promise of a home console game announcement.

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DarkOcelet1366d ago

That picture is so goddamn weird. Seriously what is up with that?

Abriael1366d ago

Cho Aniki is up. The game is THE weird :D

DarkOcelet1366d ago

Oh my GOD, yeah i remember watching a gameplay of that game. Who thinks of this kind of %%%%. No thank you, i dont want you on my console lols.

ltachiUchiha1366d ago

Ok that picture just looks so gaybobish lol. Seriously if thats his game then umm yeah i have to agree its weird and creepy at the same time.

DarkOcelet1366d ago

You should see the gameplay, the game is effed up.

rextraordinaire1366d ago

I for one can't wait to see what they come up with.

Let's see how far they can push their style!

FlyingFoxy1366d ago

You got those words right, judging for the article picture makes for good (even if unintended) innuendo.

rextraordinaire1366d ago

Cho Aniki is nothing if it's not an innuendo fest! ;)

Sheed1366d ago

These are very oddball game developers i wonder what they're gunna come up with