5 Reasons Why Being Stuck With An Older Console Isn’t So Bad

Didn’t get that shiny new console under the tree and still stuck with your old 360 or PS3? You might be better off until next holiday season.

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Magnus1448d ago

New consoles aren't backwards compatible besides the Wii-U with Wii games. Retro gaming is fun and why trade in an old console and a great game library.

Summons751447d ago

Retro gaming is fun but there could be tons of reason why someone would need to trade in to get the new hardware. A lot of people don't have enough space in their homes so they NEED to trade in to make room, some it's for cost effective (either they don't have enough or they just want to off set the steep price), some because they realize it will be a very (if ever) long time until they do pull it back out. Backward compatibility should have never have been left out of this new generation. I get there are "reasons" but they are very poor at best and now developers and publishers are focused on putting out older games because people DON'T want to give them up but have no choice now. New consoles are suppose to be about new games not games from 8 years ago being shined up and getting another 60$ price tag (at most) on them. The WiiU is great because of it's BC, during the first year when games were a bit slow, I got to catch up on the later Wii games I missed because I skipped the Wii. Now I have tons of WiiU games and a nice collection of great Wii games as well. That's how I would have wanted it for the Ps4, to get rid of my ps3 since I don't have a lot of space but keep some of the amazing games I collected over the past 8 years.

1447d ago
Hellsvacancy1448d ago

Christmas comes when Bloodborne is released, I really can't wait for that game, and Dark Souls 2+, looking forward to playing the dlc (that I skipped on the PS3)

Clown_Syndr0me1447d ago

There's plenty to play on last gen consoles.
Sometimes I sort of regret selling my 200+ games collection but then I remember I'd never play them.

Spore_7771447d ago

TPP = The PS4 Purchase. Seriously though, once MGSV is out, so will the money from wallet.

PoSTedUP1447d ago

i still gotta catch up on ps3, im playing and catchig up with the Much older consoles atm (and vita). nothing to really tickle my fancy on ps4 yet (no socom, gran turismo, mgs, uncharted, motorstorm, persona5, the division etc.)

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