Why Are Some Gamers Opposed To Indies?

Rich Drummond of gaming Tech United writes:

"In the past few years, I’ve really grown to love indie games. The stories are great, the ideas are fun and the low price of them also doesn’t hurt. This year in particular, one could make the case that some of the year’s best games are that of the small budget or indie sort. The question though, is why don’t some gamers play indie games, or respect them as actual games? Let’s take a look!"

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-Foxtrot1399d ago

I like them, I do but if I had the choice between an Indie and a retail AAA game I'd always choose the later.

I think it's mostly to do with not having much free time in my life, not enough hours in the day so instead of wasting my free time on a small indie games which I might not like or get much from I'd rather enjoy a full on blockbuster game that I like the look of, so I can really sink my teeth into it.

That's not to say you can't do this with Indie games but it's not very likely. They are usually pretty short.

I mean I started Far Cry 4 when it came out and I'm still roaming around now, I even started playing the Kingdom Hearts Remix HD games and I'm getting really involved in that.

NinjaRichParty1399d ago

I can see from that standpoint. If your time is crunched then decisions have to be made, but I'm focusing more on those who come out and say "I don't play indies," or look down on them as a whole. :)

Ezz20131399d ago

we should all support those indie developers
the more money they get the better game we get
some of them make games that are as fun as AAA games
i would take a great indie game over crappy AAA game
it's not about Indie or AAA
it's about if the game is good or not

also fun fact as i hear
Naughty Dog was Indie developer at first
and look at them now

DarkAstronaut1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )


Naughty Dog did start as indie developers.

"Naughty Dog, Inc. (known as Jam Software before renaming in 1989[2][3]) is an American video game developer based in Santa Monica, California.[5] Founded by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin in 1984 as an independent developer,[2] the studio was acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2001."

Sony is brilliant. They're currently working with and in some cases helping fund a bunch of indie developers games. They are creating very close relationships with these developers, which will pay out in the end if they can find and acquire a few more studios like they did with Naughty Dog. Just by giving them a chance to hit the mainstream market when no one else would.

mikeslemonade1399d ago

Most guys who speak negative about Indies haven't played them. Some of the better games every year are Indie games.

BattleAxe1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

I'm not opposed to Indie games, but when you've only got so much time or desire in a day to play video games, you tend to play the games that you look forward to the most, which are normally AAA big studio games.

There are some exceptions, but those are few and far between. The two Indie games that I am excited for however, are H-Hour: World's Elite and No Man Sky.

freshslicepizza1399d ago

i dont believe people hate them, they just dont like seeing indie games take the place of aaa games. lots of great indie games are out there and i think thats where the real imaginative ideas come from because you dont have publishers breathing down your throat caring only about making money.

Sashamaz1399d ago

Epic games is an indie studio, a BIG one but it still remains indie.

PoSTedUP1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

i support indies but only when the price to quality ratio is right. a lot of these games are too much money for the length. especially when i can grab a $6 ps1 game or a 10-$20 psp game with 60X the length, quality and meaning. dont get me wrong, there are some indies that are absolutely amazing and i know why they are priced at a certain range, but i only just bought dragon fantasy book I & II because they were $4 a piece, otherwise they are $10 and $15. 5 more dollars and i could have had a digital version of persona4 golden... i use to buy a lot when my money was right, now its kinda tight im in a pickel so i need quality length games at a reasonable price.

@battelaxe- big ups for H-hour.


I don't think that people hate or dislike indies...its just that they should not be the FOCUS of you new next gen console. They are a good side dish, desert, treat, but should not be the main selling point. IMO it is annoying that Sony is trying to force people to accept indies as the focus of their console, especially when Sony has made a name for themselves by historically putting out and focusing on big AAA titles. Now all of a sudden they want us to join them in the indie agenda.

Again I do not dislike indies, I actually like them, but don't try to sell me on them as if they, are worth as much as a triple A I have already enjoyed indie style games as a child, I want to see these companies push the hardware to their limits.

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DarkAstronaut1399d ago

"They are usually pretty short."

Or quite the opposite. Minecraft, Day Z, Rust, The Forest and No Man's Sky are a few great examples.

GamingChip791399d ago

I gotta side with you Astronaut. I think a lot of indies are more open ended than most AAA games.

mixelon1399d ago

I've sunk so much time in minecraft, DayZ and weirdly Rogue Legacy.. most story focused AAs have their campaign then that's it (outside MP) but indies go all sorts of places with games.

Th4Freak1399d ago

Did you notice the adverb "usually"? That means habitually indie games are short it doesn't mean that all indie games are short, the games you listed are a minority.

-Foxtrot1399d ago

But with some of those games they get boring after a while

I mean Minecraft for example...the updates just aren't enough

However Terraria though, they are nice and beefy which keep you going a little while longer

freshslicepizza1399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

"But with some of those games they get boring after a while

I mean Minecraft for example...the updates just aren't enough"

really? you really just said that? its one of the most addictive games out there for millions of people and yet you suggest it gets boring? let me guess, now that microsoft bought it you want to make it sound boring. yeah, ok. oh, and its been out for 3 years and still going strong. you dont need updates for what is essentially an open ended lego building landscape you dont need updates to keep things interesting. the community does that all by itself.

isn't the game like $20? even if you only got 8 hours of enjoyment out of it you got your moneys worth.

terraria was also lambasted by the community because the developer wasn't supporting the game for the longest time.

Halo2ODST21399d ago

Minecraft does get boring +MoldyBread

maniacmayhem1398d ago


"However Terraria though, they are nice and beefy which keep you going a little while longer"

I am really curious how Terraria holds more of your interest than Minecraft. Just recently my son and his friend built an entire working amusement park complete with working roller coasters and I couldn't believe the work they put in on something like that.

I never played Terraria but from what I seen it looks to be a 2D Mincraft type of game. Just what updates keeps that game fresh or different?

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XboxOneX1399d ago

I have always been a big supporter of INDIE GAMES. I am glad to see games like *D4 Dark Dreams Don’t Die come free for GAMES FOR GOLD.

D3TH_D33LR1398d ago

Do you get paid by Microsoft for these posts? If not that's aad on your part lol

lipton1011399d ago

What gets me is the cartoony-ness. I just don't dig certain art styles. Some indie games I like, like outlast, others like Dust an Elysian tale or binding of Isaac or don't starve just don't do it for me. I feel no sense of immersion from games like that, therefore, no enjoyment.

uth111399d ago

I was initially put off by the art style of Don't Starve. I thought it looked like a Tim Burton rip-off.
But then once I "got it"-- that game is like crack! I put more hours into that than any other PS4 title.

PoSTedUP1399d ago

dont starve looks intriguing, i almost thought about buying it at one point. i may have to check it out now that you said, uth11.

KwietStorm1399d ago

So is that retail game inherently a better game than an indie game? Does free time factor in when a game is just a bomb? We, as gamers, have been blindsided this entire generation so far with a lot of "AAA" retail games.

jc121399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

Im not opposed to them, but lets face it, they don't have the same resources as AAA studios.

Indie games are typically smaller in scale and ambition, and in my opinion, generally suck.

k2d1398d ago

You would choose a poor/mediocre AAA game, over an good indie? I've weathered the storm that was 2014 of mediocre AAA games with titles like Steamworld (10+ hours), TowerFall (30+ hours) and The Binding of Isaac (60+ hours and going).

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DarkAstronaut1399d ago

Ignorance. They're just people like us who make games and are trying to break into the industry. Writing them off because of their budget is insanely disrespectful to gaming as a culture.

NinjaRichParty1399d ago

Couldn't have put it better myself. I just can't grasp how someone can cut off their experience by not wanting to play indie or small budget games.

ShaunCameron1398d ago

I can. Maybe they're just not interested in playing a game that look like it came out 20+ years too late.

KwietStorm1399d ago

Pretty damn much. It's just funny that nobody complained about indies on PC. Nobody complained about indies on 360, or even when PS3 got a lot of good ones later on. But when PS4 makes an initiative out of it, indie is all of a sudden a bad word. It's disgusting when I see gamers writing off an entire "division" of the industry just because..why, exactly? They don't even have a reason. Of course there are a lot of bad indie games. There are a lot of bad, broken retail games too, especially in recent times. I look at all games just like people. There are good ones and bad ones. Doesn't matter where the hell they came from.

Eonjay1399d ago

I just like good games. Period. I think it's important to send the message that games can still be fun without a $50 million budget which causes large companies to avoid creative risks in favor of the same yearly franchises.

Do you guys realize that Activision can't stop making COD if they wanted to? That big money yearly cash fall is all the investors care about.

GamingChip791399d ago

"I just like good games. Period. I think it's important to send the message that games can still be fun without a $50 million budget which causes large companies to avoid creative risks in favor of the same yearly franchises."

This this and this. You said it perfectly, Jay!

uth111399d ago

And that COD game (or the equivalent) has to come out every year before Christmas even if it's not ready *cough BF4, Unity*, or they will lose a ton of money.

Gamers hate that practice, but we feed it.

rainslacker1399d ago

I enjoy a good indie game quite often, but I have to admit that I do like the experiences that AAA games deliver in story and presentation more. I've been gaming since the Atari 2600 days, and for the most part, indie games generally just use rehashed "retro" themes...outside some very obvious notable exceptions.

Some people act like all indie games are some breath of fresh air, which isn't really the case. Others act like all indies are crap mobile type games, which also isn't the case.

Anyhow, there are good or bad indie games out there, and being indie doesn't mean fresh and creative, just means low budget with a small team(outside those AAA funded indies like Insomniac).

As much fun as some of those games can be though, It's really hard for me to sit through a game without any significant story anymore, outside a couple genres like racing and shooters.

MasterCornholio1398d ago

I pretty much have the same mentality. I really dont care if a game is AAA or Indie as long as its good and my type of game I'll play it. Indies have been making a lot of creative games recently and in my opinion they are the only ones willing to take big risks in the industry

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lemoncake1399d ago

The place where I play most of my indie games is on my ipad, most of them seem to fit so well into that market and style of play.