Six Beyond Awesome SNES RPGs You May Have Missed

The SNES was truly an amazing system for RPG titles, playing host to incredible titles like Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy IV & VI, Earthbound, Shadowrun, and more.

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thorstein1084d ago

Soul Blazer... now that is a game that deserves a remake.

mydyingparadiselost1084d ago

The entire trilogy of games deserve a remake, they are truly some of the gems of the SNES era. I've always been pretty smitten with Illusion of Gaia myself, but they're all amazing games, no doubt.

Geobros1084d ago

Ahhhh....Soul Blazer!! I love that game, one of my first RPG's. I wish to see a remake like thorstein told.

zeal0us1084d ago

Man the box covers during that era were far superior than today's time.

SolidGear31083d ago

Yeah, it was like true art back then. Now most are like B-movie posters, LOL

GokuSolosAll1084d ago

The PS2 was the last good home console for a large number of quality RPGs (NGC had its share and MXB had a couple). SNES and PS1 took the crown though. The last gen was mediocre at best. Here's hoping that changes.

DragonKnight1084d ago

It's shameful the absolutely pitiful effort put into talking about Secret of Evermore. Such a great game deserves more than "It's not Secret of Mana, but it's not bad either."

Highatus1083d ago

I agree, while I love secret of mana I love secret of evermore about the same. It just doesn't get the credit it deserves.
Seeing soul blazer makes me want to play that series again too. Illusion of gaia and terranigma both over looked as well.

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