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Corpser1450d ago

Been down for me for an hour

RIP_Cell1450d ago

The PlayStation Network is currently: Offline.

We are aware that some users are experiencing difficulty logging into the PSN. We will update this article with any changes that occur in regards to this issue. Thank you for your patience.

PeaSFor1450d ago

just tried with my ps3, my psvita and my ps4, was able to log on all devices(im in Canada if that matter)

Eonjay1450d ago

Yeah I was able to log in too but it took several attempts.

uptownsoul1450d ago

My PS4 gets online just fine…Went to the PSN store and all. BUT NBA 2k IS NOT WORKING ONLINE….WHY???

XisThatKid1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

a friend and his brother is online with me now. and his brothers PS4 is offline but mine or my friends is fine and we tried everything to restart it and modems and routers NOTHING is working for him.

Edit: He's on now after about an hour or two it just worked he is now w has a new appreciation for his almost lost network and shows it by wasting his time on FFXIV. Hope it all works out for those having trouble.

JoGam1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I just logged off BF4.

IWillBeKnown1450d ago

It's surely quite funny on what Xis ThatKid as stated, for the younger brothers appreciation has not yet been met; for the requirements requires him to actually play the game to have appreciation, but the game continues to crashes, thus no appreciation is shown or applied. Therefore, an reedit is required to take place on your context, for your information is false. Thank you.

XisThatKid1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I'm glad you went through the time in making an account to respond to MY comment I have SOME kind of power on the internet I think we can all appreciate that hilarity....I thank YOU my friend, or is that false? Either way welcome to the enjoyable social cesspool that is N4G, have a Merry Christmas.

mikeslemonade1450d ago

Now I can restart my 1 year plus membership and play some NBA 2K. I will see how Rajon Rondo works with the Mavs.

SonyWarrior1450d ago

this makes me mad i just got off playing gta online came back and it dont connect to psn.....

EvilWay1450d ago


Because 2k is always online, I was having the same

christian hour1450d ago

In Ireland here, just got back from christmas eve pints with old friends to find out, no psn. God dammit. Lizard Squad didn't single out XBL I guess?

indyman77771450d ago

@ BeastBoxone "playstation NOT-work is down"?

Okay lets see if it works both ways.

EXs-box (is what I used to play with).

Xbox jive WENT DOWN on me.


xbox gold went up ! ...$$$

xbox is going down live on a tv

xbox live is notlive

xbox live still is going down!?

xbox live is dead!

xbox live is notlive

thorstein1450d ago

Just keep trying. I just logged on while Bungie is having trouble too.

ChrisW1449d ago

Steam is up and running...


PoSTedUP1449d ago

logged on first attempt east coast 1am.

Septic1449d ago

It's working fine for me....

Wizard_King1449d ago

Meanwhile PC gaming is up and running everywhere.

Spartacus101449d ago

@ Wizard_King
I'd rather have PSN/XBL not working for a few days in the year than be gaming on PC and come across cheaters every single damn day.

Ares84HU1449d ago

It's the north koreans. (yeah I typed north korean lower case because I don't have any respect for those people.)

I wish that all real hackers would attack that nation for retaliation.

SurosRegim1449d ago

Why some ussers, eveybody cant log in

nX1449d ago

It's actually possible to login, maybe you'll need a few attempts but there are 40 people online in my friendlist. My problem is that digital games are not working because the licenses can't be verified :'(

indyman77771449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I can't sign into PS4 or XBOX one. Or directly into Bungie.

Looks like it was a bad Idea to get a digital of the PS4, and xbox one. (which I have a few games of). But at least my offline games work). I didn't check xbox yesterday, but after waking up to see ps4, and Bungie still down I tried xbox one, and the same thing. DOWN! At least they admitted it and said: "your connection to the internet is okay, the the problem is on our side".

No one will believe a message like, your down for maintenance on the biggest day of the year.

And the biggest digital buying/renting day of the year with a captured audience (no retail stores open). I'm in the United States.

Good thing there was a movment to stop 24 hour check ins!

Dee_911449d ago

everything was working for me yesterday, now its not

Anon19741449d ago

Fired up my Vita just this morning about 1/2 hour ago and PSN was down.

Maddens Raiders1449d ago

All I wanted to do today was wake up and game. I know there are plenty of sp experiences out there and I've had them but today I just wanted to get on with my mates and enjoy some GT6 and BF4. It's no use, the PS3 and PS4 are glorified movie machines for me atm. I'm just sitting here watching a blu-ray (on pause obviously) because I keep going back to the home screen checking for availability. Believe me when I say I hate cops but damn do I wish somehow these people could be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent somehow.... 

If they really had balls or brains they would ddos attack the NSA or the IRS... not gaming servers fkn idiot kids.

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SniperControl1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Lizard squad apparently, xbox live was down earlier due to them.

1450d ago
ltachiUchiha1450d ago

The police wont even investigate a hit and run unless major injuries or death occurs. Thats how shi*ty our system is here in the US so u can bet they wont be breakin a sweat trying to find these nerdy virgins who have nothing better to do but piss gamers off. Seriously if u think your such a cool hacker why dont u track down these terrorist & make use of your so called skills. Bunch of losers.

pixelsword1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Haven't been on PSN all day yet; not that I've tried, I've been working all day. I hope I can get on when I do.

Just wannabe geeks wrecking it for everyone because being a loser with a computer still makes you a nobody, so they drag everyone down into their own personal hell of being a social outcast.

OrangePowerz1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

If it's them again I wish them that their genitals fall off, not like they had any use for them so far with the exception when they wank off.

Concertoine1450d ago

Ah, with all the fanboy squabble, its nice to see everyone on this site can come together to hate at least some things :D thats what Christmas is all about anyway!

christian hour1450d ago

Due to the nature of DDOS attacks, it's almost impossible to protect against and its conveniently easy to cover your tracks online, the only time peopel seem to get caught with this kinda stuff is when they mess up on their end and leave a traceable and legitimate non proxy'd IP. Nothing can be done until that happens I'm afraid. That or you hope that someone within the ranks has a falling out severe enough for them to report key members and hopefully scare off any future attacks from the group. Both very unlikely possibilities, and even then DDOS is childs play stuff so chances are they're young teens spread throughout the world so theres not much you can really threaten them with.

So much hate.

Makes me yearn for the days when everyone didnt have the internet and it was a lawless but respectful environment. The trolls of the 90's were at least intelligent with their delivery and didnt do it out of passive aggresiveness. And yes I consider DDOS, trolling, not hacking. It's a lame excuse for a hack. A hack of a hack even. Yay i make bad joke.

Ghost_Nappa1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Yeah, because it being Christmas probably isn't creating a ton of network traffic from everyone who got a new ps4/ps3.

Halo2ODST21449d ago

Quite a few disagrees, my god, can these fanboys not handle that there is service is down, and why do they have to defend their brand to the death...

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XboxOneX1450d ago

I can confirm the PSN is DOWN, I had to go and play XBOX LIVE. I was enjoying RESO GUN as well. This is such a shame.

Revengeance1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I can confirm you don't own a PS4 or PS3. You comment history gives it away. It's such a shame

Oh BTW just got off ALL platforms. It's working fine.

Rimeskeem1450d ago

You can at least try to troll properly.

OrangePowerz1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Yeah you own a PS4 just as much as I own a Xbone.

As for the topic I have currently problems to log in here in the UK.

execution171449d ago

PSN is down for me... was hoping to get in a DA:I runs before I crash for the night

RedDevils1449d ago

You wish your mommy brought you a PS4, Confirm lmao, more like Xbox is also down!

andibandit1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

you had me until "Resogun"

LonDonE1449d ago

LMAO trolls like you should be banned! why is it so many websites have very poor enforcement and rules to stop trolling?

On topic i own all 3 next gen consoles and i can confirm all 3 are working perfectly and i am able to play online on all 3.
My PS3 and 360 are also both able to go online, so it seems as though lizard virgins have failed!!

I am in the uk by the way (London) and both xbox live and psn are working perfectly for me.

LonDonE1449d ago

Damn you lizard virgins!!!!
I am now unable to sign in on my PS3 and PS4! also xbox live has kicked me off my xbox one in the last hour! curse these basement dwelling virgins.

On a side note, my X1 has just signed back in but multi player is not working but youtube etc and friends list is.
Come on sony and MS put your money together and find these bloody kids and send them to jail! preferably one with allot of homosexuals who can have their wicked way with these fresh virgin losers!

I would actually happily give away £50 psn/xbox live credit for an address here in London of any lizard squad member so i could go round and kick the living daylights out of them!

Why doesn't sony and ms pay a well known true hacker to find these losers? since the fbi and police have failed too.

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Gaming247allday1450d ago

is the whole thing offline?

SilentNegotiator1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Not going by the comments. I can't log in myself (Chicago area).

Won't stop articles from claiming that PSN was down "all day everywhere", though, like they always do when it's not fully operational for some people.

HaveAsandwich1450d ago

im good in central florida. no issues.

Muzikguy1450d ago

Well, this would explain why I can't play anything online! WTF Sony!!!

This is seriously getting ridiculous

MonsterChef1449d ago

This is all lizard squad and it sounds like they're kids, especially since the seem to be in full force during the holidays and not to mention some kids actually idolize these ass holes, I'm guessing its the same generation that mad let's play videos big

FanboyKilla1449d ago

mine is going strong. and the flash sale puts dragon age at 38.99 like on my xone. yessssss!!! didnt have the hard drive space on my xone as i stated earlier. thanks sony. and f the lame arses for disagreeing cause i wanted it to happen merry CHRISTmas!

LamerTamer1449d ago Show
andibandit1449d ago


what a great reply

Jonny5isalive1449d ago

hope its working tomorrow when I get my PS4, gotta get my PSN ID set up and play some last of us online.

Its been over a year but I am craving that ND 3rd person multiplayer. People say its tacked on but I loved the multi in last of us and I think that the multiplayer in uncharted is the reason to buy it opposed to the SP. No one does 3rd person shooting multi like ND can.

KingKelloggTheWH1449d ago

I literally just logged into my PS4. Just took a while.

lowkey100111449d ago

Xbox live is now down was working this morning now it wont sign me in at all. anyone else having that problem?

lowkey100111449d ago

i can watch netflix on my ps4 but thats it.

TBONEJF1449d ago


TAURUS-5551449d ago

i logged in after 30 times..i was lucky i guess

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hduce1450d ago

Is it Christmas already where you live?

Steven36571450d ago

Yeah and PSN is back for me

MRMagoo1231450d ago

its been xmas for hours now its pretty much 12pm in the afternoon now

hduce1450d ago

Pardon me. Where I live it's still Christmas Eve. It is Dec 24th. I thought Christmas was on the 25th.

MRMagoo1231450d ago

he ya go people for the disagrees about it being xmas already

RedDevils1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

@hduce there a different world outside of USA...

hduce1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

@RedDevils Really... Well I'll be damned. Thank you for that educational tidbit. Now I understand why they call it the world wide web... Brilliant!!!

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tiffac0081450d ago

I just logged in on US PSN using my Vita and PS3. Does this only affect the PS4?