Sega Keeps Putting Valkyria Chronicles in Other Games Instead of Making a New One

Today Sega announced that tomorrow it will release the 1.02 update to the recently released RPG Phantasy Star Nova, and it includes a Valkyria Chronicles 3 costume.

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showtimefolks1422d ago

sega keeps doing dumb stuff like

making yakuza 1-2 hd collection yet not making it available in the west

shenmue HD collection

making other yakuza games yet not including english sub titles when its in actual development

Valkyria Chronicles is another game where the first was awesome than they keep switching consoles or not making proper sequels

its like they hate money, because its easy money.

scark921422d ago

Everything you listed I would buy! but SEGA does not like to share!

Cy1422d ago

Not to mention the atrocities that are modern Sonic games. Capcom is the exact same way. They could so easily make tons of money by giving the fans what they've been asking for for years, but instead they do the exact opposite.

WonderboyIII1422d ago

Welcome to the age of milking a cow till blood comes out. Everyone is on this bandwagon. SEGA was the giant that made gaming great, now I hardly see anything SEGA on the market. I would wish they just quit. It hurts more having them around. It is like they are on some life support machine.

deaddragonz1422d ago

Agree, it cane out so early in PS3's lifetime. Its a shame they keep alienating the base with different consoles and regional releases. Its one of my favorite games ever.

diesoft1422d ago

Shenmue. HD. Collections.

FFS, Sega, how many times do I need to tell you I want this? Give it to me. Let me give you this money. I'm sure as hell not giving it to you for Sonic Boom.

Haki11121422d ago

Sega fucking hates money No Shenmue 3 or HD collection no PSO2 for the USA EVEN THOUGH THE ASIAN VERSION HAS ENGLISH SUBS!!! they blow my fucking mind every time

GokuSolosAll1422d ago

Reminds me of Square putting Geno in M&L. We don't want just cameos but new games.

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The story is too old to be commented.