Lizard Squad: Xbox live USA “limited” for Xbox 360 users

Xbox live currently “limited” for Xbox 360 users, according to the Xbox Live service status page. And one hacker group is taking credit on Twitter.

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DanzoSAMA1090d ago


Were you having a hard time signing in to Xbox Live? If so, we’re glad to say this issue is resolved. You can once again sign in without any trouble. Thanks for hanging in there while we worked. We appreciate it!

medman1089d ago

Don't these "hackers" have lives? Don't they have anything more interesting to do? Geez....

lfc_4eva1089d ago

Hackers tend to be spoilt brats of hard working parents. So these sad fools have plenty of time to indulge in their virtual masterbation, instead of having the need to get a real job to pay their way in society.

yarbie10001090d ago

XBL is already fixed it appears

However, PSN appears to be down.

newsxbox1090d ago

Thank you for information

guitarded771089d ago

Misinformation. I've been on all day.

Septic1089d ago

I'm on it now.

Both serviced have been working for me just as expected. Haven't tried the 360 though

Tempest3171089d ago

Hardly misinformation, as of when i went to bed (6 hours ago, both xbox live AND psn were down for me, for a majority of the evening yesterday. I just woke up, ill be checking it shortly

CorndogBurglar1089d ago

It was down for me almost all night.

MasterCornholio1089d ago

Looks like the downdetector test failed.


Im able to use PSN from my PS4 and Vita.

b_one1089d ago

this site is based on ppl votes, not actual testing of service

Godmars2901090d ago

Guessing that counter-hacking group didn't get all of Lizard Squad.

Redgehammer1089d ago

It's worked for me all night.

Brisco1089d ago

psn still down for me. ffs man, want to play my new games!

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