5 Most Stunning Hot Female Characters of 2014

Here are the 5 most stunning, beautiful, hot and gorgeous female characters of 2014, what’s your favorite?

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BmyBuddy1391d ago

you guys will really think i am gone mad but it is true that i am in love with Elise De La Serre

Iceman_Nightmare1391d ago

SPOILERS ALERT: It really broke my heart to see Elise De La Serre die at the end of Assassin's Creed: Unity

KarmaV121391d ago

You're not the only one pal

Hamzaali1391d ago

lol we don't think so becz she's so s***

DeviDavil1391d ago

Noore Najjar and Elise De La Serre are my most favorite gaming girls from 2014

wenaldy1391d ago

I've been waiting to have sexy time with Amita. Turned out there was none.

Stupid1391d ago

Yuma Lau in this list, damn it

Conzul1390d ago

Clara Lille is in this list.
Damn it.

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Adexus1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Most poorly written article of 2014 goes to...

HammadTheBeast1391d ago

The 5 pages is really annoying when they have 4 sentences per page.

stamps16461391d ago

I would vote Sera from DAI, she's my kind of hot.

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