7 PS4 Exclusive Games That We Are Most Excited For

There are many games stating to release in 2015 for PlayStation 4 exclusive. But 7 of them that we are most excited for.

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BmyBuddy1423d ago

Bloodborne, uncharted 4 and Ratchet and Clank Remastered will definitely be the top games of 2015

Qrphe1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

These are my top three exclusives. It was very disappointing to not see any of ratchet at PSX with the movie and game less than a year from release.

BiggCMan1423d ago

Ratchet & Clank is my favorite game series of all time next to Metal Gear. And as much as I love, there is no way any of the games would be considered the top games of any year haha. Nothing to do with their quality of course, it's just that the media never really gives them the recognition of something like Uncharted. And it certainly wouldn't be in the runnings for awards at the end of the year. Again, nothing to do with the games, cuz they are amazing. It's just how things go.

aPerson1423d ago

R&C isn't a remaster. It's a reimagining of the first game. Completely new.

XboxOneX1423d ago

I agree Uncharted 4 is one game I looking forward to right after Halo 5. :)

sonic9891423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Not looking forward to either even though I respect uncharted.
I want persona 5, bloodborne, the tomorrow children, fat princess adventure, Wattam, wild and rime.
Man too many games don't think I will have enough time play them all.

Stupid1423d ago

I think Ratchet and Clank Remastered don't deserve first place.

aPerson1423d ago

It's not a remaster. See my above post.

Balsanoid1423d ago

Well you certainly live up to your name. ;) It's a reimagining, not a remaster.

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DeviDavil1423d ago

2015 will be the year of PS4 games

PrinceChoclaty1423d ago

but in my opinion there is going to be war of consoles in 2015.... but in last PS4 will win

HaydenJameSmith1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

I'm looking forward to Uncharted, The Order and No Man's Sky the most for my PS4, it'll be great to play Ratchet and Clank again although I think the game deserves more sequels... a Next Gen Ratchet and Clank would be pretty cool.

Lokoline1423d ago

Looking foward to Ratchet & Clank Reboot and waiting for a gameplay trailer.

showtimefolks1423d ago

Ratchet and clank is one of my favorite gaming series so i want it no doubt

Blood borne
The order 1886(i have a lot of confidence in ready at dawn)
Uncharted 4
Persona 5
no man's sky
game from Ninja Theory(forgot the name)

This is something to consider:

GG have 2 teams one doing KZ what about the other which is supposedly doing a scify new IP

sony santa monica has 3 teams(with stig's teams now gone they are left with 3) we still don't know anything

Last guardian is progressing, the director tweeted that

sony bend
sony london

MM didn't do LBP3 so they are doing a new IP
2nd team at ND

there is so much we still don't know about from sony's studios and yet we still get a killer lineup for 2015. Just imagine

god of war 2016 for sure and i can't wait

OB1Biker1423d ago

NTheory is Hellblade but more likely 2016 also Until Dawn looks awesome so many interesting games like Wild or studio like Quantic Dreams theres no point making lists
Starting with the Order and with all the multiplat its gonna be an incredible and expensive gaming year

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