Top 10 Best Indie Game Development Programs for Beginners

The Koalition writes: "With all of the tools on the market in today’s gaming industry, it’s easier than ever to get into game development without any formal education. That isn’t to say that it’s easy to become a successful game developer, or that it’s easy to make a good game that people would want to play, just that it’s easy to get started. If you want to make an actual run at game development as a serious career, you should probably pursue more traditional means, but recent success stories do prove that it’s entirely possible to do without. Whether you’re moonlighting as a developer after you get home from working your day job, or going all-in on a long-shot Kickstarter to make your dream game a reality, this list is constructed to give you the resources that you need to get started."

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jaggernaut251452d ago

Definitely not true - Game Maker and Unity are both capable of making very complex and sophisticated games. Games like Hotline Miami, Gun Point, Among the Sleep, and dozens of others prove that for sure.