Xbox Live Down In The UK Thanks To The Lizard Squad

The Lizard Squad are back to their old antics yet again by taking down Xbox Live for many UK users.


Xbox Live seems to be working fine now. Issue mainly affected Xbox 360 users in the UK for 90 minutes or so.

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TheGreatGamer1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

OH FFS these losers again. Do they really not have anything better to do at Christmas and are so lonely that they'd sit in their mums basement doing this so called 'hacking'

THC CELL1455d ago

why dont they hack for the good. im sure its more rewarding, we are all geeks not prats

jrshankill1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )


Yup, I am also online. No problems. Do people just believe everything they read? I feel these Lizard virgins can send a tweet and everyone believes them.

Xbox Live Status

Xbox Live Core Services up and running
Purchase and Content Usage up and running
Website up and running
TV, Music and Video up and running
Social and Gaming up and running

thorstein1455d ago

I thought they said XLive would be down for good... Lulz.

Septic1455d ago

Yup it only affected the 360 and even that can't be attributed to this wannabe hacker group. I guess the disagrees are from people being disappointed?

GameNameFame1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Love the xbox fanboys comment on psn going down before this became news.

Just hilarious.

lipton1011454d ago

I honestly hope these scumbags die

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diesoft1455d ago

I don't know why they can't just focus on north korea. I mean...that would be more rewarding than screwing with people who play video games.

strangeaeon1455d ago

Whoever disagreed with this is a genuine a-hole.

Kingdomcome2471455d ago

Serious question. Are consoles allowed in North Korea?

ironwolf1455d ago

Serious answer. No. there are no consoles allowed in North Korea. Their internet and cell phones are limited to only government run networks. No outside access is allowed. If someone manages to access the outside world, it is a death sentence. Only government agencies and a few highly placed individuals even have internet access. The entire country only has 4 internal networks and 1028 active IP addresses.

Kingdomcome2471455d ago

@ironwolf- Wow... that is insane. I figured the answer was no, but thought it could've been similar to what the situation in China was prior to this past year. Talk about completely controlling the traffic of information in a country. Poor people over there that are born into that. I don't get why the world hasn't truly banded together to remove the shackles from that country. Why does China protect them? It may be risky, but it's the right thing to do. I'm not saying America or anyone else need be the world police, but people shouldn't have to live like that.

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XboxOneX1455d ago

I hate you Lizard Squad, You have taken down Xbox Live for the last time. I will not stop until you are all behind bars. I am so upset right now, think of all the poor starving children with no food or shelter? How are they going to be able to play on GTA V tomorrow morning on there brand new XBONE consoles.

Halo2ODST21455d ago

Damage Control much?
Defending your petty console Brand...

rainslacker1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

I take it by not stopping until they are behind bars that you are going to do something about it? Or are you just gonna whine?

it sucks, but I'm starting to believe that these guys aren't causing as much trouble as they're taking credit for.

Find it funny that on the PSN article about this you were saying you were on XBL....also, why weren't you so mad about it on the PSN article?

poor_cus_of_games1455d ago

Yeah I well at least the one's with their brand new PS4' s and WIIU's will be happy.

Gaming247allday1455d ago

Is it completely down? or just the Friends List again?

Multiplatguy1455d ago

From the status page on the Xbox website, it looks like three apps are having problems. I am on right now in N.Ireland and my friends list is fine.

Eejanaika1454d ago

Realistically its probably working. Every time this site says something is down im on the network just fine. Which is why i usually brush over these articles

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d0x3601455d ago

Lizard squad is a joke. They watch for any service interruption and then claim it was them.


if live goes down at all tomorrow or any service it will be because most of the world will be home and not worming and will be trying to access these services at the same time in addition to all the new people logging in, updating things, downloading content and games, watching movies etc. It won't be because these idiots did anything because THEY DONT EXIST.

Gamer19821454d ago

LOL down for 90 minutes for 360 users in the UK? So much for down for good lizard squad..

54LK1454d ago

Restart you Xbox and let me know if you packet loss is at 100%

billystephens1454d ago

Mine says the packet loss is 100% as well. What is packet loss?

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LightDiego1455d ago

It's time to US, UK and all ally armies join forces and take down this global threat.

Software_Lover1455d ago

They are not a threat. DDos attacking Live/PSN is not a threat. It's an annoyance. The US, UK and their allies have done worse hacking on a "global threat" level.

DeadlyOreo1455d ago

I think it was a joke. I laughed.

Pogmathoin1455d ago

Dear ISIS, new target, monkeyspank squad, aka lizard squad, part time hackers, full time masturbators. Also, no need to post it, we take your word....

sugawalls1455d ago

Im online with Xbox one... The store seems to be working. Downloads too.

HaydenJameSmith1455d ago

It's just some 360 users having sign in issues... that's about it. These guys are a joke, still waiting for Xbox Live to be brought down permanently on Christmas :P

daBUSHwhaka1455d ago

Sad,scum,vermin.Three words that come to mind.

Wikkid6661455d ago

Yes.. and we all know what needs to be done with vermin!