The Greatest Christmas Moments in Video Games

Power Up Gaming writes: "Christmas time is here again and what with food, free time, and family to play with it’s not a bad time to game. For many of us, Christmas is where our gaming lives began as consoles became our favourite under-the-tree surprises, and even in the years that have followed, games have formed a critical part of our festive experiences. Developers obviously feel the same way, with tons of games designed to send our bells jingling. Today, we revisit a few titles that have succeeded over the years in giving us that festive feeling."

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Solidus891425d ago

Xmas Lemmings? Nuclear Winter?

smashing4fun1425d ago

Skyrims always been up there for me, so many great xmas mods, really need to play nights though! can't even think where to get it

ArmouredAvenger1425d ago

I remember Clayfighter! Bad Mr Frosty was awesome, one hell of a crazy game. Cool article, brings back retro memories.

Roaddhogg1425d ago

I'm bad, I'm cool... I know I'm cool.

bangoskank1424d ago

Secret of Mana when you meet Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. God, I love that game.