Most Disappointing Game of 2014

Kevin of Paranerds writes : "I have played every Metal Gear Solid title, I loved the characters, I loved the backstory and for some reason I understood the story considering how confusing it is and I really enjoyed the boss battles. When I saw the trailer for Phantom Pain I was excited, then I heard the first part of the game was coming out as a digital download and was stoked about it. Then I read the reviews and heard the length of the game and then that excitement suddenly started to drop."

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generic-user-name1426d ago

Implying watch dogs is better than GZ. lol

kaicooper1426d ago

Most Disappointing

AC Unity
Watch Dogs

but MGSGZ is totally not

u wanna play it just like that without any great
atmosphere or finding the secrets and all the great
stuff..u'll finish it in less than 10 mintues just
to watch the cut scene..thats not good

cus specially this little game has alot of secrets
and tapes and easter eggs and alot of stuff to figure out
and specialy if u wanna get S Rank

and there's 6 or 7 more side missions and they r Totally
diffrent and amazing but in same map