8 Reasons To Play GTA Online

Gary Swaby of The Koalition writes:

Many are put off by the idea of replaying last years Grand Theft Auto V simply because it’s now on the Xbox One and Playstation 4. I fully understand most gamers wanting to dive into new experiences instead of playing an old game with a graphics boost. However, me and my fellow Koalitioner James Kennedy never forgot that GTA Online was actually a pretty good idea, it was just held back slightly by last gen limitations. So now that it’s out on the PS4 we’ve been playing it pretty regularly, and I’ve found that it’s an extremely underrated experience. There’s tons of fun to be had on GTA Online if you play with your friends (as with many multi-player experiences). So here’s 8 reasons why you shouldn’t let GTA Online pass you by.

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SwiffEpics1424d ago

GTA Online multi-player might just be better than Destiny and COD combined. Yea, I said it!

MrKennedy1424d ago

Uh-oh. He said it jack.

UKmilitia1424d ago

what kills GTA online for me is the session issue.
go from a job to another job isnt as seemless as it should be.

IF im playing with a mate i want to be with him all time and him auto be added to missions etc.

We had loadso f problems with it sending us back to seperate sessions etc and annoyed me so much i sold it.

The text misison are great fun but too short and i spent way too much time looking at clouds over a city

Halo2ODST21423d ago

meh, I find GTA 5 Online very boring, same with the single player once the campaign was done, but the other GTAs I played for 100s of hours just messing around,

Romudeth1424d ago

Hell yeah! GTA Online is fun!

HisRoyalFlyness1424d ago

I think when heists come in, it'll explode or at least live up to the hype

TXIDarkAvenger1424d ago

The loading is the only thing I hate. So slow and even worse when your connecting to a lobby only to find out the host left the game and it creates your own lobby instead.

1424d ago
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