Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes PC Review - Morbid Play

Whistler writes, "only been given a glance at what they have cooking for Phantom Pain, this is arguably an unrivalled level of freedom within the stealth genre. Even now with a singular map after 9 hours I’m finding and mastering more ways to complete my missions with finesse worthy of Big Boss himself. Thanks to the fluidity of the mechanics combined with the surprisingly reactive level of the AI you’ll be making up new plans on the fly as you set your sights on that ultimate S rank."

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TheDivine1455d ago

It was severely lacking due to not having any bosses or multiple objectives. It was literally an hour long while bigger than the area in the first two games. Extremely dissapointing IMO. The graphics and mechanics were polished but it felt way too much like a run and gun splinter cell minus the usual Kojima storytelling.

It was the FF13 of the MGS series. Lacking the defining traits that made the series so beloved.

goldwyncq1455d ago

It is the prologue to the main game. You can't expect it to be as good as the other games in the series.

00whistler001455d ago

Ouch FF13 of the MGS series, now that is harsh XD

See I really didn't get that run and gun feel playing this, and hey even MGS3 had those over the top Hollywood feeling shootout bits that didn't spoil the overall experience.