Sunset Overdrive’s First New DLC Will Let You Play New Story Missions

The first ever expansion DLC for Sunset Overdrive’s is now available for you to grab. It is called the Mystery of the Mooil Rig. With this downloadable expansion for the game,

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Software_Lover1336d ago

They need a mission with a big boss and you have to use your entire arsenal of weapons to defeat him/her and get around the entire map.

For some reason I think there needs to be an airport somewhere with a small plane for you and a flying mission against the flying OD. That would be great. You in a chopper/plane chasing and shooting down multiple OD through the city.

stormfire784121336d ago

Sweet!!.....DLC.....ssod is an awesome game!!

DanzoSAMA1336d ago

bbbbb..buuubbuuutttt....but PS4 have more grass in GTA V

captainexplosion1336d ago

The DLC is great. I would recommend the season pass. For $20 you get two story DLCs, two new areas to explore, nearly 50% more MP, 8 new weapon, 6 new amps, 4 new traps, and the new water travel moves.

pop-voxuli1336d ago

Yea!!!! DLC for a s**t game!!! Even if it was free, s**t is still s**t.

sugawalls1336d ago

Just like driveclob then.

SoapShoes1335d ago

Is that some sort of new racing/brawler hybrid, this Driveclob?

Volkama1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Edit: Negative, do not engage. Repeat, do not engage!
Too late, I commented! ARRGGHH <explodes>

ScorpiusX1336d ago

Sweet can't wait to play

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