Dead State developer tries to get a critical review off Steam

The Eccentric Gamer writes: "Developer of Dead State, DoubleBear, is trying to get a critical review of their game pulled from Steam. Here is the review and why this really should not be happening."

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CptEccentric1424d ago

Definately is :( Sad to see this happening, reviewers should be able to voice their opinions.

ChronoJoe1424d ago

Article is rubbish, doesn't even source where the developers have attempted to take the review down? The authors don't even highlight the key points of the review, or comment on it, you have to read it on steam.

This is the reviewers problem with the game

"Ask yourself what reason would a Developer move a product that is known to be a buggy mess from Early Access to calling the game fully released. We the gamers are there Publisher and we were not on their backs pushing them to release the game in a unfinished state in order to reap the profit from the Holiday season."

Here is the original source from reddit

The author of theeccentricgamer copied the headline, but clearly didn't understand the issue.

SteamPowered1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Wow, Fierhorn was objective and put a few hours into this game. His opinion is as valid as anyone else's. Steam wont budge on this review though, which is a good thing. Shame on the Dev.
I love Steam reviews. It is very easy to see who has invested time and has a valid opinion. Plus the upvoting feature puts the most valid reviews right at the top.
All in all, I think Steam has a great review section.

CptEccentric1424d ago

They definately do have a great review system. Fierhorn review was pretty decent and there is no reason to try and get it pulled.

I hope steam wont budge, as that would be terrible :(

OhReginald1424d ago

They should let developers remove bad reviews only if it leaves a marker in place of the old review saying "Removed by this pussy Developer for silencing people's opinions"

TheWackyMan1424d ago

The best thing that could happen is if Valve removed their game. Teach them a little lesson.

hazelamy1424d ago

where are the gamergaters when something like this happens?

a developer tries to control the content of somebody's review of their game? nothing.

somebody says it would be great if a GTA game had a female lead? swarms of them.

surely trying to censor a review because you don't like it is highly unethical.

anyway, on topic.

this kind of action will just end up biting these guys on the arse.

all they've done is just publicised the review, now more people will read it than ever would have if they'd just left it alone.

if their plan was to prevent people reading it, epic fail on their part.

brighthand1424d ago

"where are the gamergaters when something like this happens?"

right here:

this thread went up yesterday, BEFORE this article even arrived on n4g, before you even asked. Is there ANY chance the fact that you have just been proven wrong will have ANY bearing on the foregone conclusions on gamergate that you seem to have drawn? I'm not sure. But it won't stop us from continuing to dig up the dirt, and sending the emails.

hazelamy1424d ago

well, ok then.

some gamergaters do actually care about genuine ethics.

they seem to be few and far between on n4g though.

here, gamergate is mostly about eradicating female and/or gay opinions on gaming.

maybe i was right in my assessment that n4g is the cesspool of gaming.

brighthand1424d ago

@hazelmany I have seen a lot of the comments around here addressing the subjects you are talking about and I would have to disagree with the way you have characterized them.

When people oppose the insertion of female characters, minority characters, etc., it isn't because they are opposed to females and other minorities. They do so - WE do so, because the artist/developers' creative freedom will ALWAYS supersede anyone's desire not to be offended. Because it is a an attempt to force-feed the audience identity politics under the pretense of "inclusiveness."

I, a mocha-latte (hehe) colored man of mixed heritage, am vehemently opposed to forcing developers to adjust or change their creative works for the sake of political correctness. If a developer wants to use a white male for the umpteenth time- he can! and there is NOTHING wrong with that (except maybe it's getting stale lol).

If you want to see more (insert flavor of the year identity) in your games, get more (insert flavor of the year identity) developers into the industry and start making them. No developer, regardless of skin color, gender, race, religion, sexuality, is required to cater to any one demographic. It is why I think Gone Home has just as much a place in the gaming industry as the Battlefield.

p.s. I'm working on a masters in Computer Science with the intention of entering the industry to make my own games. My protagonists will be whoever I feel like making; a woman, a dark-skinned guy, and even a white guy. And there will be NOTHING anyone can do to stop me from making any of them - and if I felt like it, just to flex my freedom-of-expression muscles, I might give my female protagonists big bouncy boobs too! - One could even say that she wears a size GG -OOOOooooooo...!- /end college humor :)

Spotie1420d ago

Oh, dear. You sound aggressively vindictive, as if gamergate has attacked you or something. I'm reminded of Fox news pundits who hurl accusations unchecked because even when there IS evidence to refute their claims, they just find a way to disregard it.

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