Disaster Report Series Will Shake Up PS2 Classics In Japan

Granzella will re-release the existing Disaster Report games. Disaster Report and its sequel called Raw Danger in the West will join Japan’s line of PS2 Classics. Disaster Report 3, a Japan-only PSP sequel, will be distributed on PSN.

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DarkAstronaut1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Granzella have a PS4 (for 2015) and a Vita game in the works and are uploading older titles to PSN in the near future. For anyone interested.

WeAreLegion1370d ago

Please bring them west!!!

DanielEndurance1370d ago

Raw Danger was one of the most unique experiences on the PS2. I would love to try Disaster Report. Please come to the US and Canada.

Inception1370d ago

Raw Danger IS Disaster Report, 2nd game in the series to be precise.