Media Create hardware sales (12/15 – 12/21)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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Neonridr1450d ago

PS4 drops by half. Wii U surges up again... is this a pre Xmas boost for Nintendo?

DarkAstronaut1450d ago

The PS4 dropped by half because the DQ PS4 hardware was released last week and did 38k itself.

DQ the game releases in a week or two.

Neonridr1450d ago

okay.. doesn't change the fact that its sales dropped to half of the previous week.

I wasn't trying to offend anyone with that statement, just an observation. I was more surprised by the Wii U boost considering nothing new released.

DarkAstronaut1450d ago

I'm not offended at all, I was just letting you know why.

benji1011450d ago

DQ heros releases on February 22nd.
It is not DQ. DQ is not coming to PS.

DarkAstronaut1450d ago


I wouldn't be to sure about that. I can say with extreme confidence there is a DQ PS4 exclusive in the works. And I'm not talking about DQ Heroes.

benji1011450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Really, you do realize that Dq Heroes is not even a square enix game?
You do realize that DqX has over 4 million subscribers on Wii u, 3ds and PC. Do you really think that Square enix will be making the next game for anything other than the 3ds you are mental. Especially for the Ps4, which is a complete an utter failure in Japan. Sony had to beg for DQ character usage, DQ heroes is only coming out at all because it is being released on ps3. It will never come to America and Europe anyway.

benji1011450d ago

DarkAstronaut You are really good source of information.. You cant even get a release date right..

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Ark_1450d ago

Good numbers for Ninty all around.
It allways astonishes me how well handhelds sell in Japan. Every dude must have one for every pocket by that time.

... and btw: happy hollydays everyone.

Bubbamilk1450d ago

That's a really nice thing to say. Just woke up to that so happy holidays to u too!!!!!!!

yuukiliu1450d ago

Trains are the most popular way to commute to work. Millions of people use the trains everyday and have little time to enjoy things like video games at home. Some people commute for a couple hours a day, what better time to play some 3DS or Vita. I am certain this has a lot to do with the popularity of handhelds in Japan, also, kids. Kids love the 3DS. Doubutsu no mori, Pokemon, Youkai Watch. All incredibly popular amongst younger gamers. The amount of street passes you can get riding the trains is crazy.

Predaking771450d ago

Xbox One continues to be sh*T in Japan.

DanielGearSolid1450d ago

And thats why D4 flopped

And I fear Scalebound will follow in its footsteps

Concertoine1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Meh, Japan has never been big supporters of Platinum. They have a cult following there just like they do everywhere else.

crinale1450d ago

WiiU's selling only like third of last year's same week.

eyeofcore1450d ago

Due to taxes that have been introduced in first half of 2014 the prices rose and PlayStation 4 launched in February so it took some cake, but Wii U is still more popular...

Nintendo said that they will introduce a price cut next year so it depends when...

Realplaya1450d ago

When did they say that they were introducing a price cut also post a link.

gokuking1450d ago

PSP was discontinued in June this year, so I imagine the trackers are just waiting until the calendar year ends before they stop tracking it. I must admit, PSP is amusing. One Media Create report had the OG Xbox sell 0 units.

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