Dying Light Uses SMAA T2X on PS4/Xbox One, Locked 30 FPS Ensures Fluid Experience

Techland assures that 30 FPS will "ensure a smooth, fluid experience".

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TheGreatGamer1427d ago

Looking forward to this game

Army_of_Darkness1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

I was looking forward to this game too until they went with parity and decided to drop the frame rate(from 60fps to [email protected]) to match the xbone version.... Smh..
All I hear is bullshit excuses from these developers. I'm just glade mgs5 wasn't dumbed down like this.

I have no problems playing at an unlocked 60fps as long as it doesn't dip below 45,like tomb raider DE. The experience was still great and barley noticeable when it did dip.

TheGreatGamer1427d ago

I disagree with you, for a game like this I prefer a solid 30 fps realistically. Furthermore, I don't think it's being purposely dumbed down for the X1

BX811427d ago

Jesus, these kids are still trying to blame the xb1 for crap. Get over it. When you finally realize the ps4 will not push every game at 1080p 60fps you'll be happier with your self. If not go get a PC and stop crying.

JJShredder1427d ago

Admit it, you have no proof of parity taking a hold of this. For all you know yes, XBO could only hit 40FPS while the PS4 was at 48-50FPS. Instead of releasing a game with a choppy framerate across both, they went for a rock-solid 30FPS.

Also, I don't believe the resolution has been confirmed for XBO so you can put that in your pipe and smoke it as well.

Stop acting like the PS4 is some god-powerful machine, it's getting old as both consoles are already vastly weak compared to today's PCs and if anyone ever has the right to complain, it's PC gamers.

With that said, the game looks very solid and shouldn't be overlooked because of political graphics nonsense.

SteamPowered1427d ago

Sick of parity? Try Pc gaming. everything unlocked and 1080p is easily attainable. Did I mention backwards compatibility? Steam houses games from decades back.

Ps4andxb11426d ago


Parity you say?

Let's count how many triple a PS4 exclusives are 1080p and 60fps...


Your rediculous tin foil hat theory debunked right there.

You lose.

sugawalls1426d ago

No. The Ps4 couldn't handle 60fps without issues. Stop fooling yourself. The Ps4 may be more powerful than the Xbone but it's still a low end Pc by todays standards.


BallsEye1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Parity. I'm sure Driveclub, Uncharted and other ps4 exclusives are running 30 or less fps in name of parity. Hell, I'm sure Killzone multiplayer resolution was dropped almost half way down from 1080p just to not make those poor "xbots" too miserable. Thank goodness other AAA exclusive ps4 titles are running in 60 fps, games like.........oh wait...

gangsta_red1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Stop it kid, no one believe that crap you are spitting out anymore.

Not even your own PS4 exclusive open world games can handle 1080p and 60fps so why blame the X1 when a 3rd party dev can't do the same for your machine?

Comments like these should be automatically marked as trolling. Not only is it just a flat out lie but all it does is to create a negative response from people.

underwaves751426d ago

it's not the xbox ones fault, lol 'shaking head' ... Leave the Sony fanaticism at the door. I am a PC Ipad and Xbos owner and couldn't be happier. The ps4 wouldn't have been able to do it either without a ton of dipping, you know, like COD AW? I'd WAY rather play @ 900P 60 fps rather than 1080P 39 fps ...
Anyway's what they could do, is just use simple 2x aa and run it @ 60 fps on both consoles. But they decided against that and instead opted for serious aa ... silly decision if you asked me.

Dee_911426d ago

pfft, are we suppose to be impressed?
Let me know when they start using XTRX 17X Ultra Samples J-17AAA Eagle Thrust, then we can talk.

Azzanation1426d ago

@Army_of_Darkness Maybe you should be playing games more for the game itself instead of playing games for all the wrong reasons.

CaptainObvious8781426d ago

I don't need 60fps, but I would like to see some kind of advantage of the PS4 version. I won't be supporting any developer that aims for parity.

I find it amusing I'm branded a fanboy for having such a common sense opinion.

1426d ago
LamerTamer1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )


I don't know why the only games that count on your rant have to be exclusives. There are 1080p @ 60 FPS games on PS4. What, if they are not exclusives suddenly that doesn't count? Are they not games? I like how xbots apply filters as to what can count depending on what argument they are trying to win. They start at the result they want and work back from there.

There are more 1080p AAA games on PS4 and more 1080p @ 60 FPS AAA games on PS4 than xbone. That is just a fact, sorry.


No one is saying the PS4 is "god powerful". Yes they are both kind of weak, and the xbone happens to be the weaker one in terms of graphics. This being said the PS4 should show some kind of advantage in a multiplatform game. If it doesn't then it is either due to some parity crap, or it is just a straight unoptimised port.

Illusive_Man1422d ago

More like they went with performance instead of adding a bullet point just to have one.

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RG_Dubz1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

But an unlocked 60 FPS would have been much better.

Still looking forward to this game though, already got it preordered.

JoeMcCallister1427d ago

Agree but I also see their side on it - if you have most scenes at 60 fps and then a few big things chug down to 30 it's going to be pretty noticeable.

TheWackyMan1427d ago

Agreed. A locked framerate is better than a unlocked framerate that fluctuates wildly in my opinion.

That's the only fault I had with Bayonetta 2.

RG_Dubz1427d ago

Huge drops in the frame rate like that would not happen on the PS4's hardware if the developers knew how to utilize it's potential, if MGS V can hit a locked 60fps @ 1080p, Dying Light has the potential to hit an unlocked 60fps with minor dips..

Hell, I'll take a 900p game @ a locked 60fps over a 1080p game @ a locked 30 FPS any day.

kenmid1427d ago

Me banging Kate Upton will be alot better too, but I guess I stick to what I got.

Dudebro901427d ago

I'd bet that's one of your hands.

toto221427d ago

Kate Upton is the name of his hand.

trywizardo1427d ago

nope an unlocked 60fps that drops to 400 will make you feel the game is kinda glitchy or broken , but if its locked you'll feel the gameplay is smoother , and that is better for open world games

SteamPowered1427d ago

SMAA used to smooth out the jaggies will drop fps. It will be very noticeable if that drop is from a lofty 60fps

NuggetsOfGod1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

120fps for me.
Two gtx 970s at 1080p.(gave up 1440p 60fps for 120fps)
Some of u guys should consider it.
That kinda frame rate makes games feel real.

Want it unlocked since I got gysnc anyway makes no difference.

Downside it cost me $1300.(but hey pay more to get more)
But i am not mad at all.
Just serious about my gaming.

Console Devs don't want to make graphical downgrades since
Most console gamers go by visuals than playability on first sight for consumers.

So 30fps we meet again this gen Lol smh

Fps more important to me.

SteamPowered1427d ago

Im holding out for 980 8gb variant. No SLI issues plus tons of VRAM for textures. Estimates put the 980 8gb around $800 so that will be the bang for buck im looking for.

lfc_4eva1427d ago

Unlocked frame rate could cause massive amounts of tearing if the frame rate varies by a big margin.

Locking it at 30fps should allow both systems to look better and hopefully put any spare resources into other aspects of the game.

Graphics are only one part of a game.

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SaveFerris1427d ago

When they mean 'locked 30fps' does that mean it won't fall below that number?

SaveFerris1427d ago

Thanks. Here's a bubble for your answer.

iNFAMOUZ11427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

no it cant exceed that number it can still dip below 30

JsonHenry1427d ago

No. It simply means it is capped at 30. Meaning it won't be allowed to have more than 30fps but drops below 30fps are allowed.

MRMagoo1231426d ago

keep in mind AC:parity was supposed to be 30fps locked as well and look how that turd turned out

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theXtReMe11427d ago

A locked 30 will keep a consistant 30fps throughout. Techland had it running at 30-60fps, but decided to lock it to 30 for a more consistant experience. As someone else said, a quick drop from 60 to 40 will feel glitchy and not as smooth as a consistant 30. At 30, they can up the visual fidelity more and add post effects that an unlocked framerate above it... Would not allow. Also, unlocked framerates tend to invite that pesky tearing that everyone loves so much.

If this game looks as good as the latest videos, with little to no aliasing... It will be a visual treat for all, no matter what system you own. Cant wait!

assassin2k1427d ago

To have a locked 30fps remain smooth the game needs to be capable of running at or above 30fps at all time. Hence why killzone and second son had unlocked up to 60fps and locked 30fps options. I'd rather it be locked than fluctuate as I noticed dips in infamous.

SaveFerris1426d ago

Are there any games that are 'locked at 60fps' on consoles? Can PC achieve this?

1426d ago
Immorals1426d ago

Forza 5 is locked and keeps it

CernaML1426d ago

PS4 version of MGSV is 1080p 60fps. It never drops a single frame.

Darkwatchman1426d ago

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Metro Redux are both locked 60 fps on PS4 AND at native 1080p

LamerTamer1426d ago


I have seen dips in F5, especially around turns. It doesn't get choppy but drops frames occasionally resulting in brief pauses. It also was heavily downgraded to achieve the framerate. ANY game can be 1080p and 60 FPS if downgraded enough.

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