PS4 vs. Xbox One: Who Won 2014?

With hardly any innovation in gameplay mechanics, 2014 is the year of stalemate between PS4 and Xbox One.

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ShugaCane1391d ago

And what about the Wii U ?? Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Bayonnetta : in terms of games, let's be honest Nintendo did pretty well !!

But otherwise, PS4 : numbers don't lie. As far as games go, it's more subjective but Infamous, TLOU remastered have all my affection.

2015 is going to be sooo much bigger. Can't wait !

DarkAstronaut1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Let's break this down.

Xbox One games overall have a 0.4 higher average, while the PS4 has 48+ games released for it that are not on Xbox One. The Wii U has the highest rated exclusives, but the lowest average rating and the lowest amount of games.

Games are subjective, so the PS4 having twice as many as Wii U and 48+ more than Xbox One's is bigger deal than Xbox One's 0.4 higher average rating.

PS4 software sold more than the Xbox One and Wii U combined worldwide.

PS4 hardware sold more than the Xbox One and Wii U combined worldwide.

It think it's pretty clear and the market obvious agrees. PS4 won, which is why it's pretty much dominating the worldwide console market.

freshslicepizza1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

ps4 won but the xbox one made a great comeback

1. aaa games only available on one or the other (console exclusive) that people actually cared about,

ps4 - infamous, tlou remastered, little big planet 3, driveclub, mlb the show


wii u - mario kart, smash bros. bayonetta 2, hyrule warriors, captain toad

xbox one - titanfall, sunset overdrive, forza horizon 2, halo mc collection

2. price and value offered to the consumer - xbox one.

the wii u failed even though they had some great exclusives. nintendo was not aggressive in pricing and without third party support the game support is very limited. this is why they were far behind in sales for 2014.

the future looks brightest for the ps4 with the xbox one trailing behind and the wii u falling behind. what we've seen time and time again on forums, namely n4g, is this almost resentment towards the xbox one and most of that stems from sony fans who see the xbox brand as their biggest threat. so it only makes sense for the loyal sony fans to constantly be the ones who give nintendo more of a free pass while exemplifying to the point of exaggerating any issues the xbox one had.

overall sales - ps4
exclusives - wii u
all software - pc (my preferred platform of choice)
best value and pricing deals - xbox one

Ballsack1391d ago

Lol xbox fanboys crack me up

Let's go by FACTS and not the xbox fanboys delusion shall we?

Worldwide sales- ps4

Total Software sales- ps4

Total USA sales -ps4

Total UK sales-ps4

Most games released for 2014-ps4

Who won based on FACTS-PS4

vishmarx1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )


i hate it when people count wii u exclusives vs ps4/xb1 while absolutely disregarding the fact that wii u did not get 90% of the games that were on ps4 ,xb1.
you want a fair comparison with wii u included? sure
it loses simply because even with its high rated games its library size of quality games is abysmal for a two year old console.

most of your 2015 games are rumored titles/cg trailers with not even hint of release/indies.
even xb1 is doing twice as good as it is(technically more since year 2 sales are higher)
and theres a reason for that.
the reason why ps4 wins is because no one buys a console for a season.the one with the best prospects for future sells more.


what an absolutely horrid list.
half of your 2014 games are from 2013 and indies and multiplats.
most of your 2015 games are rumored titles/cg trailers with not even hint of release/indies/multiplats.

without even commenting on how bad certain games are

In 2014:

Halo MCC -hd remaster/broken
Sunset Overdrive- ok
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood -indie
D4 -indie
Super Time Force-indie
Ryse: Son of Rome -2013
Forza Horizon 2 -multiplat
killer instinct season 1&2 -2013
Forza 5 -2013
Dead Rising 3 -2013
Chaos Child -indie
Fantasia: Music Evolved -lol
Project Spark -multiplat
FIFA 15 Legends Players -dlc

etc etc.. lol lol

in 2015:

Scalebound-cg teaser only
Quantum break-ok
Tomb raider-ok(confirmed to be timed)
Forza 6-not even mentioned so far
Halo 3: ODST remastered -part of mcc thus 2014
Fable Legends -possibly multiplat
Crackdown -no rumored date, 2015 unlikely
Mystereet F -?
Psycho-Pass -?(visual novel?)
GOW collection - werent rumors of its existence shot down recently?regardless its beyond idiotic to expect a 2015 release
Scream ride -indie
HALO 5 -ok
Phantom Dust -cg teaser only
Inside -indie
Ori and the Blind Forest -indie
State of Decay remastered -hd remaster of an indie
Cuphead -?
Below -indie
etc.... lol

so only two big games confirmed for 2015 . xbox wins

LAWSON721391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )


MyWayOrTheHighWay1391d ago

Ps4 won if you look at sales
But I got ps4 day 1
I got X1 when titanfall came out
Never would I of thought that I would of playedy X1 more lol
But whatever
I get the best games for both systems so I win

Ezz20131391d ago

So wait
Ps4...the console that have no games (like Xbox fans love to say) is the one with more games ?!

Xbox fans, you need to explain this NOW

DLConspiracy1391d ago

It is an opinion piece so there is no reason for any side to get defensive. "Opinion piece" means this persons opinion that's it. I don't think we need a break down of societies sales and metacritic averages for that.

freshslicepizza1391d ago

49 disagrees i got so far and not one person was able to counter what i said.

Wizard_King1391d ago

PC won it all. hands down, full stop.

Most exclusives
Most sales
Best Graphics
Best community

The console world is like fighting over the left over scraps.

Spartacus101391d ago

@ Wizard_King
lol ... best community... on PC??
Full of arrogant elitist cunts, who eventually end up cheating like bitches.

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fermcr1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

"PS4 vs. Xbox One: Who Won 2014?"

In my opinion PC won... and that's the opinion that matters.

ThePandaMaster1391d ago

Idk I built my pc just a month or two ago and idk really what i want to play that is new :/.
All i've been doing is playing starcraft/victoria2/Arma3 witch are kinda old at this point.

crashbash1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )


There's all the latest games such as Dragon Age Inquisition, Far Cry 4, Shadows of Mordor, etc. All at a better than framerate than on any console.

Then there're games like Elite Dangerous which is just amazing, beautiful game.

There's Assetto Corsa which is the best racing simulator I've played for a long time, definitely the best this year.

There's loads to play.

You've got the Steam sales to get a load of games cheap atm as well.

Spartacus101391d ago

@ crashbash
cant really say that without knowing the spec of his PC dumbass.

Spotie1391d ago

When all else fails, Xbox fanboys become PC fans.

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KirbysDump1391d ago

Seriously, who cares? And if you do care, then you are a moron. Happy Christmas

lifeisgamesok1391d ago

Halo MCC, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Titanfall, Forza Horizon 2, Project Spark

Xbox One won this year

Foehammer1391d ago

Subject for sure. Lots of variables, not the least of which is perspective: number of sales into number Countries.

Also some outstanding games and new IPs.

I do know who lost though, the haters that said the X1 would only sell 3 - 5m, and that the 29 additional Countries wouldn't make a big difference, they lost big time.

Hellsvacancy1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Lots of variables? like what? personal opinions, hay man everyone has an opinion, as numbers on paper go the PS4 won by a landslide

What are these other countries the XB1 has been not released in? you know the ones with the millions of diehard Xbox fans waiting patiently for it to be released, what countries are they exactly? i've tried looking myself

zerog1391d ago

Except for some reason you still fail to relize that if you took away all the sales frome those extra countries that x1 still lost. Its behind in EVERY country they're both in, every single one. Troll harder.

Emrage1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Halo MCC broken at launch but fun.

Sunset Overdrive never tried it.

D4 never tried it but doesn't look like a game for me.

Titalfall is on pc.

Forza Horizon 2 is on xbox 360 and yeah it's fun.

Project spark is on pc.

I wouldn't really call that a win but yeah.

lfc_4eva1391d ago

Why comment on a game, or games, you've never tried, especially if you are just trying to knock them?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but try and be a little more subjective.

Emrage1391d ago


I never said anything bad about the games i didn't try just that D4 doesn't look like a game for me and that is my opinion.

GarrusVakarian1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Every single one of your comments is composed of you reassuring yourself that the X1 is the best console. Do you even realise this? You know what the term for constant self-reassurance is? Denial.

Seriously, no matter how many times you write the same comment, you and I both know you don't believe it. Deep down you know you're jealous of the PS4's success and want a PS4 yourself. There are some awesome deals out there right now. I'd take advantage of them if I were you. Your Xbox won't think any less of you for placing a PS4 down next to it.;)

Skylar1391d ago

Huh? It's an opinion. He prefers Xbox clearly.

ape0071391d ago

no need to be over dramatic

DLConspiracy1391d ago

I love how you point a finger at him and then act almost the same way. You even try to pitch him on getting another system.

Its an opinion article. So opinions will happen in the comments. Whether you like it or not.

gangsta_red1391d ago

The absolute ironic part is that you claim he's constantly claiming the X1 is the best console, then you instantly go into how the PS4 is the best console choice for him.

The fact that you can't see that is perhaps the funniest part of your own denial.

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averagejoe261391d ago

Ps4 outselling the Xbox in every region.

Ps4 won this year.

RGB1391d ago

As others have said;

PS4 sold the most hardware, by a long shot.
PS4 sold the most software, by a long shot.
PS4 has the largest market share, near 50%.
PS4 has more playable games of any variety;
PS4 has more free-to-play.
PS4 has more indies.
PS4 has more 1st / 2nd party titles. (21 games)

PS+ numbers have increased by several XXX% since PS4 launch.

PS4 won with ease and with "limited" exclusives (6 big titles is limited, okay). The competition will be murdered next year!

PS4 2015 exclusives;

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
The Order: 1886
Until Dawn
Ratchet & Clank (Remake/Reboot)

Top 3 will kill anything next year, never mind the other 2 and the continued list below;

Tearaway Unfolded
MLB 15: The Show
Shadow of the Beast

The Tomorrow Children (PSN)
Alienation (PSN)
Hotshots Golf (PSN)
Wild (PSN)
Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (PSN)
Fat Princess Adventures (PSN)
Wattam (PSN)

No Man's Sky (PSN / Timed Console)
ABZÛ (PSN / Timed Console)
The Witness (PSN / Timed Console)

Guns Up! (free-to-play)
Kill Strain (free-to-play)
Let It Die (free-to-play)

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1391d ago

Why do you mention titanfall as if it's an exclusive?. By the way your line up of games does not compare to kz4, infamous 2nd son, TLOU remastered, mlb the show, and lbp3. Plus throw in share play where you don't even need a game to play online and SONY takes the win easy. Which is why they're dominating in sales anyway.

rainslacker1390d ago

Think you have to define the criteria for what is a win. If you enjoy the games on the system though, so be it, doesn't matter who won.

pyramidshead1390d ago

Well you set the bar pretty low with that line of software, eeesh. Even including a beta and a more broken game than Driveclub.

Hopefully 2015 is better for your Xboners, because PS4's line up smokes it currently after a year of one less AAA exclusive.

Halo2ODST21390d ago

Those Halo games are already out, people have already played them, you shouldn't count that as a X1 exclusive!

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Neonridr1391d ago

absolutely. All three consoles brought some great titles to our homes.

Sure numbers wise the PS4 dominated, but the Xbox One and Wii U definitely saw a 2nd half surge to this years totals.

DanzoSAMA1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

In 2014:

Halo MCC
Sunset Overdrive
Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
Super Time Force
Ryse: Son of Rome
Forza Horizon 2
killer instinct season 1&2
Forza 5
Dead Rising 3
Chaos Child
Fantasia: Music Evolved
Project Spark
FIFA 15 Legends Players

etc etc..

in 2015:

Quantum break
Tomb raider
Forza 6
Halo 3: ODST remastered
Fable Legends
Mystereet F
GOW collection
Scream ride
Phantom Dust
Ori and the Blind Forest
State of Decay remastered

And there is a lot of secrets from Phil Spencer ^_*

Xbox One won this year and next year.

DarkAstronaut1391d ago

Interesting note: Fantasia: Music Evolved tracked way under 10k it's first month. I think it was 4k.

Spid3r61391d ago

Its still damn good game that we have the option to buy.

crashbash1391d ago

Interesting note:DarkAstronaut's note wasn't very interesting.

Interesting note:DarkAstronaut spends more time posting on n4g than he does actually playing games.

aerisbueller1390d ago

That's what they meant when they said XBox One could do 4k

Outthink_The_Room1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

OK, for all these people who keep using that site as some kind of ammunition, I have a question.

..When Windows 10 gets here and Threshold arrives, do all those Tablet and Phone games that will be released on XB1, count?

I see everyone talking about..

"games are games are games"
"indies count"
"don't move goalposts, use facts"

So again, can someone explain what happens to that site when every single game on the Xbox Store can be ported over. There would be 1,000 games a year for XB1. Literally. Every game counts, right?

I guess we're gonna find out, because these list wars might be over soon.

gangsta_red1391d ago

So I wonder where this listwar was when Xbox 360 had all the 1000's of indie titles available and Kinect titles for their exclusives and yet most here said those didn't count (only AAA) and just raged that 360 abandoned their user base.

Now those same people get to link list war and drop the mic...even though most of those games are old indie PC ports or some re-mastered old game or even worse games that no one would even think of buying even in the bargain bin.

Now the excuse is "more games means more choice!". Even if most of those choices are shovelware.

Absolutely incredibly hilarious how this site and a certain crowd shifts from one point to the next when it suits them. And now this "" is the new ammo to use.

Yea, exactly, listwar will be instantly forgotten and something else will be used in it's place.

I am fairly sure that indies won't count or games that appear on both platforms won't count anymore...even though I keep hearing that "console exclusive" is now an okay term to use only when SFV was also announced on PC.

rainslacker1390d ago


Yeah, that's going to happen. /s

There are still licensing costs, and honestly, I don't think it'd be a good thing to start hyping up how a saturated market that is mobile gaming will be great to suddenly start being ported en mass over to the X1.

Anyhow, believe it or not, it's not like every DX game is going to be ported in a matter of minutes, because that's just not how game development works. Porting still takes many months, certification testing, QC testing, changing things to work on a different platform, updating assets, etc.

DarkAstronaut1391d ago

Also Scalebound and Crackdown have not been announced to release in 2015, because they most likely won't. The Gears Collection is probably happening, but has not been announced as far as I know.

Hellsvacancy1391d ago

Tomb Raider lol, you can keep that one

Below does look very interesting, buuuuuuut I think it'll end up on the PS4, especially as MS is no longer publishing it

averagejoe261391d ago

Lol!!! Shall we list ps4 and Wii u exclusives too?

pyramidshead1390d ago

lol @ terrible list warring when PS4 smokes it.

Lol @ including things that don't currently exist or have 2015 release dates.

The desperation reeks from your comment.

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ShowanW1391d ago

This article is very click bait'ish... Well, I guess I'm not shocked either... Considering it's Gaming Bolt and all...

PS4, One, Wii-U all had amazing games across the board.. so all 3 win if this is what we're going by...

If we are talking strictly sales, then PS4 wins without a doubt...

Consumers won 2014, We demanded quality games without getting ripped off.. and voted with our wallets..