All upcoming horror games of 2015 and beyond

Survival horror games are back, this year’s The Evil Within, Alien: Isolation, P.T. and tons of announcements of upcoming horror games made this clear. It seems we’re in for a treat cause 2015 will bring lot’s of horror themed games. Both new IP’s are released and classic horror series get revamped for the new generation of consoles. It’s time to check out which games we can expect in the upcoming year so we’ve made a list of all upcoming horror games of 2015 and beyond.

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KwietStorm1217d ago

So glad horror games have made a comeback.

crashbash1217d ago

Quite a few of these aren't even horror games, they're just included to pad the list out.

Hoika1217d ago

The article does mention the list contains games that are horror themed and could be considered as "not horror"...

-Foxtrot1217d ago

Revelations 2....horror game?

LOL...yeah ok then

gantarat1217d ago

a least is "closest" to survival horror than RE 5,6

Iltapalanyymi1217d ago

routine is missing from that list.
anyway really hyped to play lots of those titles.

Hoika1217d ago

True! Missed Routine, adding it now

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