Dragon Age: Inquisition Review - Zero1gaming

The first thing that jumps out is that the huge improvement visually. The game environments in particular have taken a massive step forward and the work that Neil Thompson, Director of Arts & Animation, and his team have put in has really paid dividends. Each area of the game has a very distinct and unique feel and personality and not in the usual ‘fire/ice zone’ sense. From sandy deserts to lush forests, pretty much every environmental style is expertly depicted and in painstaking detail. Thompson asserted at EGX 2014 that the design team had taken baroque and renaissance paintings and distilled thematic colour palettes from them which they then used as the basis for the game and it really shows. The game world feels entirely authentic and real in an intangible sense. It’s that sort of thing that can really cement the suspension of disbelief and Bioware have pulled it off masterfully. If I was to be slightly critical of the visuals, it would be in the character models, which remain...

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