Animal Crossing Wii news incoming?

Who said magazines are currently obsolete due to the instant access of information through the Internet? Well, magazines have certainly been getting the edge over online news in some areas as of late. Nintendo Power gave us the lowdown on Mega Man 9 and Castlevania Judgement, and now the Official Nintendo Magazine may have just given a lucid indication that Animal Crossing Wii news is on the way. In the teaser page for its next issue, the Official Nintendo Magazine writes, "Its been a while! It's time to revisit an old friend. How's your village doing these days?'" We all know that E3 is next month, so it's quite possible that in the next 30 days (at E3, most likely), we'll finally see/hear about Animal Crossing Wii. The magazine also promises two exclusives on spaking-new Wii titles next month as well.

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mepsipax3578d ago

As I already have said about the two big reveals in both Nintendo Power and ONM, it doesn't matter all they are going to do is announce a game that is revealed at E3, seeing as the magazine will be released at the end of the month and E3 is the 15. Don't get your hopes up for the latest cover of your favorite gaming magazine.

v1c1ous3578d ago

1) monster hunter 3
2) piikmin 3
3) animal crossing wii

Royantk3578d ago

Looking forward to E3 then.

hahahabutt3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Now if this Animal Crossing is really being made for the Wii, I see a future of a lot more obesy kids...