Bayonetta 2 developer teasing something tomorrow? Says "Santa is coming"

Bayonetta 2 developer might be revealing something Bayonetta related tomorrow.
In two tweets made on both the english and japanese twitter account of Platinumgames the dev says that "Santa is coming".

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animegamingnerd1424d ago

either DLC or something that isn't gonna be all that exciting

NBT911424d ago

Probably Christmas related skins for characters I'd expect.

kwandar1424d ago

The studio has to be working on something - I'm going with a new game.

That being said, it is also what I want for Christmas ;)

Raider691424d ago

They are working in Scalebound but its Xbox one exclusive.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1424d ago

They can't show it without Xbox permission

1424d ago
jay21424d ago

It won't be the thing i want, it on a console i own maybe info on Scalebound looking forward to that.

wonderfulmonkeyman1424d ago

Grab a Wii U to experience it, then.
It won't be the only excellent game you'll get on the console.

wonderfulmonkeyman1424d ago

I'm hoping it'll be an announcement of new story DLC. That would make my Christmas complete!

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The story is too old to be commented.