Upgrade to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One for Free

Users with the Xbox 360 version of CoD: Advanced Warfare can upgrade to the Xbox One version for free from now until March 2015.

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Watari3211083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Microsoft is a very generous. Thank you Microsoft this like an earlier Christmas present you care very much about the Xbox One gamer and we love you. You provide the most fun per second for this very reason other companies should be taking notes. #TeamXbox is only going to get stronger in 2015. Thanks Microsoft.

paul-p19881083d ago

You do realise this a deal by the developer, and not Microsoft right? I just bought the PS3 version on sale and got the PS4 version free, which Sony had no dealing in as it is a DEVELOPER gift! The free upgrade period finishes on the same day too.

BillmadeAGate1083d ago

You mean Publisher.. Activision is making the deal , same as the Free digital Upgrade for Destiny. .. js an fyi 👍

paul-p19881078d ago

@Bill my mistake lol, thanks for the correction though. Either way, not made by Microsoft or Sony

InTheLab1083d ago

So we are pretending MS invented cross buy?

MeliMel1082d ago

Funny I didnt come away thinking that when i read the comment.

Are you sure your not trying to start something?

InTheLab1082d ago

"Other companies should be taking notes" is what he said. That is starting something.

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ironmonkey1082d ago

Sony has been apart of this since launch of ps4.