In The Year Of The Remaster, Which Was The Absolute Best?

It's true that many of this year's top titles were simply re-releases of older games, but let's not complain. Let's just ask: Which was the best?

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Starbucks_Fan1085d ago

GTA V. Had MCC been fixed within the first week it would be the best remaster.

DarkAstronaut1085d ago

The the numbers GTA5 and TLOU. Both rated higher and sold more than Halo MCC.

Allsystemgamer1085d ago

I love halo, but the broken mp really brought it down for me. I'm still playing through the campaigns though

NegativeCreep4271085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

*Disagree, Disagree*

(You talk crap about the Holy Grail of IP's Halo, you deserve disagrees, regardless if your comment is rooted in fact).


snipab8t1085d ago

TLOU was an incredible game, but in terms of the remaster itself, GTA V is a much more impressive effort by the development team thanks to the first person mode, improved multiplayer and new animals/higher population density.

Septic1085d ago

GTA 5 because it was a meaningful update.

TMCC fell flat on it's face because of its problems otherwise it would easily have been first imo.

TLOU, aside from the standard res/frame rate update isn't that big a jump.

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LOL_WUT1085d ago

Haven't finished GTA5 yet so my vote goes to the Last of Us. Never played it on the PS3 so it was a no brainer to go for the upgrade and was worth every penny. Makes me all that excited for a possible sequel ;)

SolidDuck1085d ago

Halo had a chance to take this. With the issues halo had, the last of us us or gta 5 takes this. My vote is the last of us.

RDF1085d ago

The last of Us..... no brainer

Dirtnapstor1085d ago

Metro redux looks like a good candidate, but I haven't played it or seen it in action. So my vote goes to The Last of Us.

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The story is too old to be commented.